Getting Married? Don't Feed The Band

by Michael Wangner - Date: 2006-11-05 - Word Count: 299 Share This!

So, you've picked out your reception hall and you've signed the best wedding band you've ever heard to play. The question you may or may not have been expecting is coming: "Do you want to feed the band?"

The reception hall will gladly give the band the same treatment as the rest of your guests, for the same price. If they're marketing savvy they might even try to sell you on the idea by knocking off 10%. Don't do it.

It's simple math, the average wedding band has 7 members. Multiply that by your cost-per-guest, and if you did the math right you're now looking at the same number I am: A Lot of Money!

Combine this with the fact that the band is probably expecting a tip in addition to their exhorbitant up-front cost and you're looking at even more, except you don't need to feed the band. If you took the amount it would cost to feed them, cut it in half and added it to their tip, they would be quite satisfied to bring sandwiches.

But chances are good they won't have to eat them because most reception halls will feed the band whether you pay or not. Yep! That's right! They may not get to choose between the Filet Mignon and the Chilean Sea Bass but more often than not they'll get the salad and pasta courses, and maybe even the extra main-course meals that the reception hall made in case someone changed their mind or didn't like how their steak was cooked.

So, for my money (and yours) not feeding the band at your reception is the way to go. The band will be happier, and your wallet will be that much heavier. And in the run up to your wedding, every penny saved wisely is worth cheering over.

Michael Wangner is a wedding consultant for Gifts and Otherwise, online retailer of unique wedding bubbles, placecard holders and more.

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