Wedding Song: Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Song

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A wedding song is a very important part of the wedding ceremony. For instance, songs are usually played during the processional and reception to influence the mood of the event. The couple's first dance is also one of the highlights of the reception program.

Having the right musicians and singers are important part of the preparation. Choosing the right songs for the wedding will lend more solemnity or fun to the wedding. The songs will enhance the mood of the party. This is the reason why it is necessary to choose the right songs for this milestone occasion.

The songs should be meaningful and convey love messages to the guests. Here are some suggestions which can help you choose the best songs to be played at your wedding:

Consult the Officiating Person

The wedding can take place in various venues - church, garden, synagogue, even in a courthouse. It will be good to discuss things with the officiant. Find out if they have restrictions on the kind of music to be played in your wedding venue. The song chosen should be slow and meaningful in order to make the
wedding ceremony more solemn.

Reception Song

Choosing a reception song or songs is a lot easier. This is because you have more free rein regarding the choice of music. You can play both slow and fast dance music if you want. However, first dance songs are often slow.

At the reception, you should prepare music for bride/father dance, groom/mother dance, couple's first wedding dance and the music for guests' dance. The parents of the bride and groom will more likely appreciate song that is derived from their generation.

Some people have special family songs. This should be part of your music playlist. It does not matter if it is a camping song or vacation song. You can still play it even if it seems not to fit to the occasion. Just make sure that you let the guests know the significance of the song.

You can invite the members of your family to dance with you as the song is played. The family will surely appreciate your gesture of playing the family song.

Parents' Song

Ask both of your parents and your spouse parents' what wedding song was played when they were dancing first dance. Play the songs at the reception to honor both of your parents. Let the parents dance to the song once again. They will surely be touched by this move. Hearing their own wedding song will definitely evoke some fond memories.

Friend Song

If one of your friends loves to sing then ask him or her to sing at the ceremony or reception. Having someone close to you sing a song in your honor will make the wedding even more memorable. If you and your spouse love to sing, then it will be a good idea to sing to the guests.

Choose Meaningful Songs

The most awaited part of the reception is the couple's first dance. This will be the very first time that the couple dances as husband and wife. The choice of song then is of primary importance.

Select a song that reminds you of your love for each other. Do not choose the latest chart toppers. The song should be memorable and will be something you can remember fondly ten years later.

The lyrics of the song should be captivating and potent. The song should not fade through time. It should declare your love for each other. A wedding song is a very important aspect of the wedding. It should be chosen with great care then.

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