Wedding Song: How To Choose A Wedding Song

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A wedding song is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. The wedding will not be as meaningful or as solemn without a singer, a band or even an iPod playing music in the background. The music can dictate the atmosphere of the entire wedding.

A good selection of wedding songs will make your wedding more memorable for guests and participants alike. Songs can evoke various emotions from the people attending the event.

In choosing music for the wedding, it is best that the songs fit the theme of the wedding. The music should also complement you and your spouse personalities. If you are the outgoing type, fast tunes will be more suitable. For silent and formal types, slow music will be more fitting. It will be awkward to play loud, fast tunes if both bride and groom are shy and prefer to have quiet moments.

Another good criteria for choosing a song for your wedding is its ability to convey your emotions to your guests and of course, to your spouse. The music should be able to speak volumes for you not just provide entertainment. The lyrics should be apt for the wedding too. It will be very confusing if you are playing a break up song on your wedding day.

Choose wedding songs for the ceremony, cocktail party and the reception. Each part has a different kind of music. Be sure that the music you choose are fitting for each of them. Ceremony requires more solemn music. Cocktail and reception can be more informal and fun.

First dance music should be chosen carefully. Read the lyrics of the song. Make sure that it fits a wedding. Some songs may talk about infidelity or break up. You do not want those.

Practice dancing to the music with your partner. The song should not be too fast or too slow. Do not choose songs that are popular at the moment. The choice should be based on the meaning it provides rather than popularity.

Make sure that your guests enjoy the reception party. Choose songs that will make them want to dance. Fast, fun and the latest popular songs are a great hit.

Make a plan or outline for your wedding. This way you can determine which specific part of the wedding needs to be highlighted with a particular music.

The key moments of a wedding often include the processional, bouquet toss, couple's first dance, father/bride dance and mother/groom dance. Some parts of the wedding do not really need a song to accompany them. Playing instrumental music may suffice.

Provide clear instruction to your DJ or band on the kind of music to be played at a particular time of the wedding. This way you will be sure that the music fits the part perfectly.

If you are not confident about picking the songs, then you can refer the matter to experts. Ask disc jockeys who have performed at weddings or someone who is knowledgeable about wedding music to help you choose the most suitable songs.

The location is a critical part of the music selection. It will not be proper to put large speakers in a small room. This will blast your guests all night. In a large setting, a live guitar or harp will not be heard. To prevent this kind of problems, it will be good to test the music at the reception area or where the wedding ceremony will take place before the wedding.

You should have a music coordinator. You can ask a friend or a relative to do this part. This person will overlook the music being played at the wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly as planned and there are no major glitches along the way. Your wedding song, after all, can spell success to your

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