Why Handkerchiefs Make Great Wedding Accessories

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Handkerchiefs are an ideal accessory to add to any wedding because they carry significance and meaning. Below are some great reasons why all brides should carry a handkerchief on their wedding day.

Many brides cry on their wedding day out of happiness. Therefore carrying a handkerchief is a perfect and practical accessory to carry as nothing ruins a wedding picture worse than a ratty tissue. Handkerchiefs not only wipe away the bride's tears but are great for dabbing running makeup as well. In early times, farmers believed that the bride's tears on her wedding day were lucky. Her tears meant more rain for their crops and therefore more prosperity and luck for all. Others believed that tears on her wedding day would means less tears during her marriage as all tears would have already been shed.

Make your handkerchief your "something blue". One of today's most popular wedding traditions is to carry something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The idea is that if a bride carries each of these tokens on her wedding day, her marriage will be a joyous one. The color blue symbolizes love and fidelity. A great idea is to carry a handkerchief monogrammed with the bride's initials or the wedding date in light blue.

One of the joys of starting a married life together is starting your own traditions. Handkerchiefs not only make wonderful keepsakes but they can easily be integrated into your own customs. For example, your wedding handkerchief can be passed it down to your child as their "something old" on their wedding day. It will hold significant meaning to your child knowing that you carried it on your wedding day also.

Another popular tradition is for your handkerchief to be sewn into a baby bonnet for your children's baptism. A popular Belgium wedding tradition is for a bride to be given an embroidered handkerchief with her family name on her wedding day. After the wedding, the handkerchief is framed until another member of the family gets married. That handkerchief is then embroidered with the new family member's name and then given to the new bride. The tradition continues from generation to generation and the handkerchief becomes a family heirloom that chronicles all of the family's marriages.

Your wedding handkerchief makes a great fashion accessory. Since handkerchiefs are available in several fabrics, styles and colors, they can add that finishing touch your wedding ensemble. An intricate lace handkerchief can give that extra flare to a simple wedding gown without overpowering it. A colorful handkerchief will add a pop of color and can enhance the beauty of your wedding bouquet.

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