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Weddings are special moments that ought to be shared with other people, especially with the future children and grandchildren of the couple. What better way to share the magic and joy of the event but with amazing photos taken during the occasion. It is in this regard that professional wedding photographers can help you with. They can capture your glorious day so you can remember it with enthusiasm for the next years and seasons to come.

Wedding photography is one of those important things to be thought of when planning a wedding. When choosing a wedding photographer, couples usually based their selection on the professionalism and cost of hiring. Probably all photographers possess professionalism in their work, otherwise they won't last in this industry. Yet you can never be too sure so you need to be extra cautious as whom to hire. You can see the photographer's portfolio to check his previous works and confirm his quality of work by asking for references.

Yet the main consideration lies in the cost of the wedding photography services. Photographers may offer various service packages that can fit any budget of soon-to-be-wed couples. There are basic packages which may probably cost below $500. This basic package will usually involve the photographer to cover the occasion on a limited time like up to 4 hours only. Only one photographer will be present to take the photos and you can view the proofs in an online site or in an album. You will also receive limited printed photos in this basic package.
Packages that cost approximately up to $1,000 are the budget packages. Here, there will be only one photograph along with an assistant will be present at the wedding to take photos for longer hours. There will be additional prints and offered special albums.

There are also packages that range from $1,000 to $3,000. There will be an additional photographer and they can stay in the venue for up to 8 hours. Your prints will be gathered in special albums or photo books. Packages above $3,000 will have unlimited hours where 3 photographers shall be present in your wedding to take all possible photo shoots. You will also get special albums for your prints.

Some photographers have varied charges depending on the day of your wedding. Weekend events usually cost more than weddings on weekdays. There are also some additional expenses related to wedding photography. Like if you request for the photographer to extend the coverage hours; if you ask for an additional photographer, additional photo shoots and special photo books.
As you interview and meet up with a prospective wedding photographer, you will be presented with these packages and discounted price. You are free to negotiate in order to meet a price that is fine for both parties. Expect that you will be required to pay a down payment once you have agreed and signed a contract with the photographer. The more details you require such as photo effects, multiple exposures or split frames, the higher the cost you need to pay.

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