Wedding Checklist - How To Get Started

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Your wedding checklist will quickly become your bible as your plan everything for your big day from your bridal shower to the perfect cruise down the Mediterranean for your honeymoon. Wedding planning can be a tense time as there are so many things to remember, people to consider, feelings to account for and events to organize - it can quickly become overwhelming. In order to keep all of the many elements running properly, it is imperative that you create a comprehensive wedding checklist. If you are not sure about how to get started, we can help you. The following is a quick overview of how to start getting your wedding checklist in order.

The first thing to do is to write down everything that needs to get done from picking a date to getting the rings sized to picking out wedding favours to hand out as thank-you gifts to your guests. Make sure that you cover all areas of your wedding in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten. If you are still unsure of what to do or if you are afraid that you might forget to put some crucial item on your wedding checklist, then you can always obtain one online. However, here is a breakdown of the major categories that should go on every wedding checklist:

1. Date - make sure to have two or three in case your minister or venue are not available
2. Venue - church, temple, mosque, etc.
3. Celebrant - priest, minister, rabbi, etc.
4. Reception hall
5. Guest list
6. Food
7. Music
8. Flowers
9. Dress/Tuxedo
10. Rings
11. Bridal Party outfits
12. Rehearsal dinner
13. Hotel reservations for guests
14. Invitations

Naturally, you can alter the above list to better suit your unique needs. If you are not planning on having attendants, then you will not have to bother with bridal party outfits. If you want your wedding to take place on a beautiful sand beach on a tropical island, then you will need to add booking flights and a hotel room.

Wedding planning should only be exciting and fun. It should not be cause for tension and worry. By keeping track of everything that you need to do you will be able to rest assured that every little detail of your wedding preparations will get done.

Although a bride generally does not have a hand in planning her own bridal shower, some women choose to at least let their bridesmaids know what they would prefer when it comes to the event. Again, here that list can be added to your wedding checklist. Not only will it give your attendants a good idea of what you would prefer, but it will make it easier for them to plan the actual event.

Even wedding planners use a wedding checklist in order to keep all of their balls in the air - especially if they are very busy and have several events to plan. Using a wedding checklist is the best way to make your wedding a success - getting started is just a matter of common sense or finding a good list online.

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