Decorate Your Drapes

by Eric J. Slarkowski - Date: 2006-12-16 - Word Count: 419 Share This!

Beads are back! And they're not just for gowns anymore. Updated designs and styles of beads have even made their way onto curtains. Some would say they never left, but for the most part, beads are playing up fabrics and curtains like never before.

You can buy ready-made beaded curtains, or you can make your own. And you're not relegated to one shape or style of bead on a single type of curtain.

If you like beads, but just aren't sure where to use them, start small. Consider drapes with beaded trim. A string of single beads on the hem can really wake up the look of tired curtains. Small strands of beads also look great as a border on a curtain or valance. The facets on the beads can catch the light and add shimmer and interest to a room.

If you're ready for a bigger statement, consider curtains with beading throughout the fabric. A sprinkling of spangles, glued or sewn on, can add richness to otherwise ordinary window treatments. Depending on the design, beads can make a curtain look more formal or more casual.

If you're ready to go all out, full beaded curtains are also an option. They're generally used in more informal areas, like a child's room, or as a room divider in a casual setting. They can even be used in places that you might not normally expect to see curtains. You might see them hanging on a wall, creating an eye-catching effect.

You can also bring a room together with beads. Beads on your curtains can coordinate with beads on your bedding. You can easily trim your own hand towels with beads for each bathroom in your home. Beads that are sewn on are preferable to beads that are glued on, especially if the item will be washed repeatedly. The choices of things to bead are limitless!

Even if you don't consider yourself creative, you can add beads yourself to create a look that's your own. You can get a variety of beads at a craft store, and depending on the type of bead, sew them, glue them or hook them in a pattern of your own choosing. You can get sparkly beads, smooth beads, shiny beads, wooden beads, gemstone beads and many other types of beads. You're only limited by your own imagination. And if you don't like how your project turned out, you can always go for another look, simply by changing the beads.

Beads can dress a curtain up or dress it down. Beads are versatile decorations!

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