Adding A Pleasant Marble Coffee Table To Your Home

by Joe Goertz - Date: 2006-11-05 - Word Count: 468 Share This!

Usually, the couch or entertainment center get most of the attention in one's house, but there is nothing wrong with changing this, and one great way to do so is the addition of a marble coffee table.

Marble is a decorating style that is ornamental, enduring and just plain beautiful to look at, nothing else is more so. Marble has played a huge role in the exterior and interior décor of architectural buildings and homes for centuries, yet has somewhat fallen in popularity with regards to coffee tables. The reason for this is not because they have fallen out of popularity (most people would agree that marble is a welcome element in almost any home) but because their practicality is a hindrance.

A beautiful marble coffee table is usually bulky in size, and massive in weight, which makes it extremely difficult to move, and even more difficult to ship. If you've ever considered importing an authentic Italian marble coffee table, you may want to reconsider. The cost of shipping can cost you nearly as much as the table itself.

My parents can vouch for this first hand. On a trip to Italy a few years back my mom fell in love with a beautifully ornate Italian marble coffee table, but my father refused to buy it because of the difficulty of shipping it home.

My mother though, was not to be deterred in her quest to acquire a marble coffee table. Upon returning to the states she searched the Internet thoroughly for weeks until she hit upon a coffee table not much different from the one she fell in love with in Italy. Because the manufacturer was located in the U.S., the shipping charges were significantly cheaper and my mother bought it without hesitation.

Upon my visiting home one Christmas I got my first glimpse of the table and was genuinely impressed. The table was gorgeous. Sitting before it provided a feeling of security and warmth that is hard to explain to this day, but needless to say, I soon had one sitting in my living room as well.

My mother is still pleased with the look and quality of her marble coffee table. She says it looks nearly identical to the one she fell in love with in Italy. However, she secretly confided in me a few years ago that she was still upset with my father for not letting her purchase the one in Italy. She has never truly gotten over not getting that one and still dreams of one day owning it.

So what can be learned from this experience? Well, for one thing my mother will never give my father say over what she can and can't buy ever again, but ultimately, marble coffee tables are a pleasant addition to any home, particularly those imported from overseas (if you're my mother).

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