Lawn Mowers Electric Vs Petrol - Which Is Better?

by Alex Foster - Date: 2010-10-21 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

When searching for the perfect lawn mower, many homeowners find themselves wondering which kind is best for them. With lawn mowers, electric vs. petrol is usually the most common asked question. Everyone wants to know which is better and why it is. Unfortunately, I might think one is better and recommend that one, when it doesn't meet your needs and demands so you would recommend the other.

What it all boils down to in the end with lawn mowers, electric vs. petrol, you have to be educated enough about what you want and need to make the choice. Both have many pros and even some cons, but overall, the performance needs to meet your expectations for you to be truly satisfied.

Electric lawn mowers are increasing in popularity among homeowners for a few different reasons. For some, they prefer the electric mowers because they are environmentally friendly. Without emissions, whether the mower is corded or not, they seem to be favored by many.

On the other hand, although they are friendly for the environment, many people despise the electric mowers. Some of the most common complaints about these mowers are the inability to cut grass that is on an incline. Others complained about the electric mowers with rechargeable batteries, not holding the charge long enough to complete a yard over 1/3 an acre with one charge. Others feel the performance simply doesn't compare to that of a petrol powered lawn mower.

Petrol mowers are popular and have been for a number of years. Some people prefer them because they are affordable and readily available. And fairly easy to maintain without a professional's assistance or experience. Because they run off of fuel they can cut larger amounts of land without stopping as frequently as an electric mower that would need to be charged. Another plus for many people is the ability to easily maneuver the petrol mowers over almost any terrain, including wet grass, roots, hills and tall grass.

Petrol mowers come in two engine types, one is called two stroke and the other four stroke. The downside to these mowers are the weight of them. Because the engines are larger they are heavier than the electric mowers. Both engine types do release toxins into the environment, however the two stroke is worse than the four stroke because it is mixed with oil.

With the lawn mowers, electric vs. petrol, who wins? You have to be the judge. They are both great lawn mowers, but your personal preference has to be the deal breaker.

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