Use Fire Seals On Fire Doors And Save Lives

by Cole Rees - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 371 Share This!

Basically, a fire door is designed to save lives. This is the reason why there is such a big requirement of fire doors in many buildings. Fire doors are made differently to prevent smoke from seeping through the edges as well as being more resistant to heat and fire itself. One easy way of improving fire doors is to add fire seals to them; fire seals fill the gaps around the door. This reinforces the reason for installing a fire door. These seals may be used for other purposes throughout the building however they are more effective when used with existing fire doors. This creates a safe place for everyone in case of a fire breakout.

Fire doors are designed to resist the fire so that people may get out of the building without harm, but it doesn't always work out like that. A common problem with fire doors is that they are not hung correctly due to there being gaps between the floor and the door. The gaps allow the smoke and heat to come through but it also gives the fire one of its main fuel sources - oxygen. By having gaps like this without proper fire seals the fire will continue to burn and spread causing more damage throughout the property.

These features of properly fitted fire doors are meant to be invisible or unnoticeable as you go about your day but in the event of a fire you could owe your life to them doing their job correctly. Strong fire doors are now typically made from composite materials that are resistant to higher temperatures and less likely to be damaged by the fire.

It is important to ensure your fire door is fitted correctly and all of the seals are able to do their job as otherwise your fire door could fall to the flames and lead to more heartache. With these seals also being able to stop smoke leaking through it means when trying to leave the building your path will be clear and you won't be harmed by smoke inhalation.
It is vital that your home or shared building has fire doors to help save lives and make sure fighting the fire is skewed more in the firefighter's favour.

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