Wooden Railings and Their Many Uses

by Andrew Caxton - Date: 2006-12-18 - Word Count: 418 Share This!

Wooden railings remain one of the most common types of railings throughout the country. They not only provide elegance to the home but they also give a sense of warmth to it as well. They really do look so much cozier than iron or brick and the great thing is - literally anybody can easily install them with the right materials.

The Different Styles and Uses of Wood Railings

There are so many different styles of wood railings out there and they are all used for different purposes. Some common reasons people use wooden railings include:

To add support on a porch
To provide safety down the stairs
To simply look good

The great thing is that wooden railings can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, whether you want to create an elegant entrance in the porch way or if you would prefer to have the wood railings as a centerpiece in the living room leading up the stairs, the choice really is yours.

Using wooden railings for the staircase really is one of the most common uses for the railings. They provide excellent support for when you are walking both up and down the stair case and if put together properly, they are extremely sturdy!

Another great thing about wooden railings is that they come in many different sizes which means that you do not have to have tons of space in order for you to be able to fit them into the home. They also make great decking outside the home and if done properly you can even create a look of a rambling deck.

What to Think About When Using Wooden Railings

Whilst wood railings really do make excellent railings both indoors and outdoors, there are certain factors which you need to take into account.

The first is that wooden railings have to be maintained. They are not like iron railings which can withstand years of misuse, they really do need to be maintained regularly. You need to know whether they need weatherproofing or not. Obviously if the railings are going to be within the home, weather proofing them will not be necessary but it will if they are going to be used on the porch for example.

However, even though they do need maintaining, they are fairly inexpensive and easily replaceable so even if you need to replace them, it should not cost much and it should not be hard to do!

Overall wood railings are definitely something to think about if you are looking to improve the overall look of your home!

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