Why Front Door Security Is Important

by Cole Rees - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 390 Share This!

It is an important aspect to realize the fact that even by having a fully fledged home security system, by no means, ensure that your house is fully secured. Every day we see the advanced technology coming into picture but statistics show that there were about two million thefts in the past year alone. This brings into consideration the importance of having a secured front door of the house as that is the foremost thing that the intruder targets when entering a house.

More often than not, people prefer less expensive doors because of their low budget and go for less equipped doors. Always keep in mind that the front door security should always hold the top priority. Solid wooden or metal frames of the front door are always a good option to go for. A metal frame of the door allows the extra security of the door and provides the reinforcement that extends well above and below the strike plates on the door. What it does is it puts steel over steel rather than wood holding steel which is always a good combination to go for.

The locks play a vital role in the front door security. Locking mechanisms in doors these days are far more advanced than in previous years, they now have multiple locking points to again reduce the weak points and hold your door solid. Some older lock like the tumbler locks with the feature of key insertion can be easily picked and some have been known to be opened by a credit card in the past too. Therefore, such locking mechanisms should always be complemented with additional but different locking system to add on to the home's front door security.

Some common but effective door security devices can also be preferred which includes an alarm system, either wired or wireless or the coated door windows which have a coating or security film on it making them difficult to shatter and open from inside. Newer UPVC doors and windows have the best locking with many lock parts being built into the moulding process and stronger materials that aren't going to splinter or crack.

So when looking for a strong front door you should consider UPVC and composite doors that have been proven to resist break in attempts that may have otherwise been successful with older or wooden doors.

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