The Importance Of Front Door Security

by Cole Rees - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

The importance of your home's security hinges upon your door's quality and the lock system. For that, it is very important to have your front and back doors of top quality with a latest locking system. It may seem hard to believe, but stats show that 70% of the invaders and burglars come through the front door itself and 80% of the thefts take place not by breaking the locking system but by removing the door frame. These facts are enough to prove the point of keeping the front door's security system up-to-date.

Most of the front doors in the homes are easily cracked because of the poorly installed lock system and the deadbolts are often too loose. The hinges and the frame put on the door are installed by putting in screws no longer than an inch which, therefore, are easily removable. Moreover, the metal plate on some of the doors is often small, weak and thin and is also put in with similar length of screws.

Luckily secure UPVC or composite doors are now much more affordable and easy to fit to the point that they can be hung by yourself as long as you are able to follow the instructions correctly and are handy with a set of tools then a much more secure solution could be reached as soon as you receive the door.

These doors are made from stronger materials and in composite doors they are made from a mixture of different layers which make the most of each material's strengths. Whether it is uPVC and its heat retaining properties or the base wood providing a solid core that holds your door together there are many advantages to modern door construction that can make your home more secure among other benefits.

The locks inside a composite door are also more elaborate to frustrate criminals who may think they have all doors sussed, with multiple locking points it eradicates any areas of the door which would give way if enough pressure or force was applied. These locks are built in as a part of the construction process so they cannot easily be removed by intruders.

Apart from the mentioned security options, the basic things should not be neglected. Good quality knobs and deadbolts are a must. Simple good quality locking system would not prevent the thefts from taking place; you need to take all the precautions to be fully protected. The importance of a secured front door lies behind the fact that the whole house's security depends upon it. Fix it now before it's too late.

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