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Financial crisis such as a scourge, fast. Separate ways fueled the media every day the "financial crisis" the word by reading about the countless times, and made people around the world feel insecure, as if the same end of the world. As a result, ordinary people will be living in fear and seem to live in deep water from Bian Jiang. May have to admit that Lamps City financial crisis on China's production and business fields, had no small impact, but the situation really so bad?
March 5 at the intersection frequented by fruit stand to buy fruit, more than 60-year-old grandmother gave me The fruit when cut sugar cane, but also talk about how the financial crisis and how, to put a nose with eyes. I asked her: "Last year, how much you can do business one day?" Aunt, said: "more than one hundred dollars it." I asked: "Two years ago it?" Aunt thought, said: "When business is good there are more than 100 , usually seven or 80. "I then asked:" What now? "aunt laughed and said:" is, like almost the same as last year, better than a point. "I laughed, and said she is typical stir.
Changzhou, Jiangsu, China Chow Lamps City as an important national center of production and sales of lighting, the face of this crisis is also a case do?
I randomly interviewed 30 dealers, made a simple survey.
Overall, the situation is not as bad as imagined. Particularly on the fourth question, do not see the market rent or sublet free stores that have a large area on the business bankruptcy, in fact, the beginning of each year will have different degrees of this, a variety of reasons. "King City, the first transform flag" scene, staged at all times, nothing new about that.
We should see a lot of old dealer in increased investment, the introduction of new products and brands, a large number of dealers are joining the new generation of lighting sales team. Chinese Lamps City, store decoration craze increase compared with last year, still pack of vibrant, bustling scene. With the inherent advantages Chow, compared to other regions of China, the Chinese Lamps City has a more powerful anti-crisis capacity and contrarian higher potential for development.
Changzhou General Manager Lou Zhuo U.S. green light family said: "In fact, the financial crisis has little effect on the domestic market, but there may be good policy because of domestic bringing and greater opportunity."
Great lighting, general manager of Changzhou Zhengda You Friends, said: "In this special period, we continue to do business not only more should be done up, to do better, to seize the opportunity to seek greater development." It is understood that he when the financial crisis came, in their agents, "Meeks Space International Lighting" brand on an additional several hundred million yuan investment. He said that this time we should do is??
Forge ahead, seize the "crisis" in the rise of the opportunities in the face of adversity
Financial crisis has brought to our business a lot of difficulties. But the "difficult business environment" should not be our mantra, we should not become obstacles in the way of psychology, the crisis as an excuse for our stagnation.
Crisis prompted the state has increased investment in stimulating domestic demand, the implementation of the loose monetary policy. Spring is Ruqierzhi domestic market. The Jiangsu Province, the large-scale projects and infrastructure construction, urban renewal, commercial housing, low-cost housing and affordable housing, etc. and not be affected because of the crisis, but because the national policy of support and thriving.
Chinese Lamps City dealer with some of the words: "crisis is that people who already have a crisis, the class, no crisis have class. We must not own their own frightened." Summer of Davao in 2008 Sri Lanka forum, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao a "confidence important than gold," points to the problems we face key, on the positive progressive people, the crisis is the development and growth, excellent opportunity to seize market share. Because competitors are shrinking, some of the economic disadvantages of being expelled healthy resources, market space will be a certain degree of purification, and catalytic business environment and business improvement order.
If China Lamps City is a team, then we can be proud to say that we have no doubt is a positive to the courage to face difficulties and challenges and seize the good opportunity to rise in the face of adversity the team. We will not bow to the crisis, but because of the baptism of the more powerful storms.

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