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States United States A total of 36 National Mall Web site welcome Spring Festival Online Shopping Mall opened to celebrate birthday, all the sub-station in the country put on a large "old Joy Luck Dinner" gluttonous feast celebrate the New Year, Gome has set off in China's Internet industry its year-end appliances

Promotions Hurricanes, should be said that the feast is a nationwide promotional Web site online mall GOME channel launched three years, most large national events, the National United States Web site by the industry as "electrical

Expert "The national large-scale event, which is the first appliances experts shocking" Sword. "

2002 year on January 8, just had a birthday complete the Gome Jinan branch, braving strong local

Competition Opponents and the pressure, just opened near the country with the U.S. site (, launched a powerful new model of home appliances online shopping, the history of Gome's first online shopping mall ---- internet store was born in Jinan . Over the next three years, with the pace of expansion of national chains, Gome, Gome online mall site in China, a market quickly complete the network layout, as of November 10, 2005, with the Hefei internet store's success opening, the National US-China Online Shopping Mall Sub-station, site number has reached 36, the cumulative national online mall

Sell Volume reached 6 billion. Time flies, years had passed, passed and internet store has gone through three years. States United States Web site three years of grinding sword, well-built electrical

Retail Internet experts, at present, a comprehensive revision to upgrade the country after the U.S. site with the largest and most professional home appliance product database, online shop channel is mainly engaged in:

TV , Air conditioning , Refrigerator, Washing machine , Mobile , Fashion, digital, Computer , Audio-visual appliances, small appliances,
Kitchen Appliances , Office equipment, electrical products in 11 categories. Database contains 72 categories household electrical appliances, including 480 domestic and foreign well-known home appliance

Brand , 2 thousand were appliance product model. States United States Web site ( as the largest

Appliance Retail Chain - Gome's official website, with information services professional appliances, rich product information to check appliances and perfect after-sales service, won the majority of appliance manufacturers and consumers of a good response and excellent reputation, and

E-commerce Industry achievements of the Internet magazine has been awarded the "2004 & 2005 China

Commercial Site 100 "survey by the Chinese community social survey of the activities of the Chinese Organizing Committee of 100 as a" driving force of Chinese culture within the Journal Award "winners site, was the National Organizing Committee of China's first e-commerce competition as" the best after-sales service experience website. "

Gome initial public unique offerings hidden weapon, e-commerce is not what, this national event, in the end Online Shopping Mall "-year-old Joy Luck Dinner" prepared for the consumers what kind of meal do?

Event, you can enjoy the recipes are listed below, details of specific activities, please visit the States United States Web site ( or call the U.S. online shopping around the country hotline, counseling work of local internet store personnel.

1, Jicai activities?? "Jicai fine collection happier"
2, Auction Activities?? "National U.S. online auction
Marketplace  Point Mouse Beat surprise "
3, small appliances area?? "Small appliances fairs, details of the decision of the quality of life"

4, cell phone Specials?? "Master Session mobile reserve price, spend the least money you pull out the coolest"

5, gift area?? "Holidays, and ready to present for family members, to send to friends, send lover, sent his own"

6, States United States "never sleeps", for you 24-hour shops
7, the third anniversary celebration online mall, you are my birthday gifts
8, GOME Electrical Experts website 9, States United States and large customers to enjoy VIP services

Addition to the national majority of consumers can enjoy more "delicious", the Jinan region can also be special treatment for consumers, enjoy the following wealth of "dishes":

1. Popular hit "The Promise" free of charge to enjoy watching ----- fashion shopping fashion

Entertainment in the new century, audio-visual in the new century, the film in the new century. Jinan internet store and Jinan City teamed up to launch the new century, the latest movie blockbuster "The Promise", "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles", "Love Story Britain" free viewing activities. Elegant and comfortable environment, Chaobang realistic

Sound Effects, what are you waiting for? As long as internet store from Jinan to submit orders for purchase of 1,499 yuan will have a chance to free two of Jinan in the New Century Studios movie tickets 2. Limited, while supplies last. (Amount is not cumulative)

Active time for the December 24, 2005 to January 15, 2006.

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