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Anhui Daily: Wang, Hello, this "most consumers prefer the appliance brand" selected activities in the community had a huge response, the industry and even household appliances sector, its likened to an "Oscar" Award. As far as we know, this probably be the first time in Anhui appliance industry such a large selection activities, right?

Wang Yuzhu: It is indeed the first time, before the home appliances sector has also held many similar contest, but the repercussions in terms of scale and perspective are relatively small, like the selection this time scale, and standards, reference Select brand and consumer participation as much as the enthusiasm of a warm, home appliance sector are creating the most Anhui. March 18, the business capital of Anhui - the country hosting the Health electrical chain, "Anhui Daily" co-host of the "most popular consumer appliance brand" selection results will be a grand public, please consumers concerned about the media, advertising and the Marketplace posters.

Anhui Daily: What was originally thought to do it is how a such a large scale activity? The event is organized by the original purpose of what?

Wang Yuzhu: because the current home appliances brand on the market can be described as dazzling, but it can also be quite a mixed bag, consumers often will be confused by so many brands, so buy more when blind waste a lot of time and economic loss caused by a very common thing. But a real brand in terms of quality, price, design or after-sales service to consumers, should be gratified, satisfied with that. Therefore, we organize activities most fundamental purpose is to promote consumers to buy a real brand, to achieve true brand consumption. And it is commercial capital of Anhui, China Electric chain management concept of HEALTH??? "Into the famous restaurant famous famous famous restaurant to sell" the best expression. The poll is in order to meet this year's "3.15 Consumer Day", and we just can take this opportunity to both promote the brand to the consumer spending, increased consumer awareness of their brand. Consumer staff selection will play the role of consumers, so consumer spending even more time to understand and reason.

Anhui Daily: According to your personal point of view, this event has not achieved the desired effect? Consumer response to?

Wang Yuzhu: activities organized later, I went to the State Health and chain saw several stores, consumer response is very strong, active consumer participation is very high, especially in Hefei, Xuancheng, Lu, Wuhu etc., is simply far beyond our expectations. This also shows that consumer awareness of common people is changing, there is growing consumer trust in the brand, so activities have achieved the expected results. Ms. Wang who lives in Three Mile Street that country students are being held in the electrical activity, all dedicated to the business of receiving votes, and opened a small home will make the whole family can participate in selected activities, she said, Hefei store salesperson Her appliances are purchased from Hefei, capital providers, and brand quality, service Yehao shopping, take this opportunity to be selected her mind "the most popular appliance brand." Consumers see this stock seriously strong, and inspired us to run this event.

Anhui Daily: I heard you in this activity, also encountered many difficulties, many manufacturers may not support or oppose such activities as holding your own in the end for the factory and what implications it has ?

Wang Yuzhu: just started really small, encountered no resistance, such as a well-known brand on the question why we put behind their numbers, there are many manufacturers worry that if the selection is not the most consumer preferred Brand would be detrimental to its brand image and competitiveness. In fact, we have organized such activities are Bingzhao fair and impartial manner, we are allowing consumers to compare themselves to evaluation through the real, they judge the activities, manufacturers are athletes, and we are the activities organizers. Therefore, we set the brand rankings are completely disrupted, and this should be either a false impression to consumers, give consumers a fair and objective decision. Only in this way the event was a real reliability.

Course of these events for the appliance manufacturers are also very useful value, through the activities can make a more in-depth understanding of the consumer appliance brand, to expand the influence of various brands. Meanwhile, the activities also makes brands more clarity, the manufacturers can be compared between brands more fully understand the dynamics and consumer spending market psychology, so that the manufacturers be competitive in the future exceed and targeted. In addition, manufacturers can promote their activities through new products, expanding the influence of high-end products. Thus, such activities on the factory is very meaningful. The State Health electrical activity also withstood the test has been tempered, as local companies can also be run to the activities of enterprises on the ability of a proof of Anhui.

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