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Currently, Projector Market is the most fiery Technology DLP's 3D display is not, nor is it a breakthrough 4K resolution 3LCD, but LED Light source Technology. Because of its small size, long life, energy saving has Environmental protection , Which undoubtedly is the traditional source Projection Machines the most want to achieve. LED also has a weakness, however, that the brightness has not reached the mainstream needs. Even after nearly two years of development, LED light source projector has entered the practical stage, but the high price and relatively low intensity, is still hindered their development constraints.

But in all the people are concerned about the new light source at the same time, expectations had been given this once disappeared after laser projection technology, today raised his head again. Especially in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the IOC to Beijing as the Division provides a unique laser display technology, a laser projector. Regarded by the Bureau of Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Institute of Opto UME Huaxing International Studios have jointly launched the laser has been put into commercial operation theater. CTV in Division pioneered the laser PLPS-10000 lumen projector, even won a big screen industry system integration contractors, system integrators, Case dual awards, and in July 2009, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and other departments were identified fourth independent innovative products for Beijing. Laser projector with high brightness, color reproduction and more natural color, long life and low power consumption is for people fascination. Some people ask, the advent of laser projector, laser projection of the times mean that really come out?

This, we can not give a clear answer. However, from the current penetration of laser projector, the laser projection of the times is far from coming.

Although, in 2008, depending on the subjects of the first in China with independent intellectual property rights developed "very Star," "Big Dipper" series of laser products. Its small size, high efficiency, high stability and long life advantages, is the only fully meet the current industrial applications of laser display patent products. However, this does not cover laser projection technology is still in the research and development stage of the fact.

Manufacturing laser projector, at least two conditions: first, to achieve three colors of laser; followed by the need to be able to achieve laser scanning point by point, but in both cases, there is not a small problem. The most important constraint problem has not been right from the solid-state green laser available. Green laser wavelength of about 540nm, red laser with a quartz oscillator according to sine wave to achieve frequency doubling, to get the green laser. As the temperature requirements on the environment in this way is relatively high, so the output is not stable enough, while the green laser module is larger and costly.

Security is also a factor restricting the development of one. Laser projector has been characterized is the large luminous flux, power to 20W of the projector, the luminous flux reached 5000lum, busybody brings take a lens if it is possible to burn something to a certain distance. To know that a 150mw laser at 1 m can be easily burned away we usually use Plastic Film bag, the cutting of some industrial Machine tool Laser power is also much better than this. Therefore, in the open space, the problem worse.

The cost is another obstacle, and this is restricting the maximum laser projector universal one of the factors. Previously low-yield factors restricting the development of LCOS technology, but now it has become a constraining factor in the development of laser projectors. Wang Zhanguo Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out, do laser display industry, greater efforts to improve the yield is the key. Although laser projection has now been some product launches, but the actual production of such products to the current yield is below standard, which requires the state and enterprises invested heavily to develop. Only product in the production rate, and cost is possible down.

Although the current commercial laser projector already has an instance, but because of these reasons you want to take some time to further spread. However, we do not pessimistic, because as the country support the development of laser technology, we have reason to believe that the laser projection into the real aspirations of millions of households will soon be realized.

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