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    First, the current era of post-WTO world, the development of CNC machine tool industry and its development trend


    1, super-fast and ultra-precision processing technologies make extensive use of

    In the 21st century, efficiency, quality is the main body of advanced manufacturing technology. High-speed, high-finishing technology can greatly improve efficiency, improve product quality and grades, and shorten the production cycle and improve market competitiveness. The high-speed and ultra-high-speed machining technology, the key is to improve the machine tool spindle speed and feed rate. Machine tools in Japan at the World Expo, the maximum spindle speed of 1 case per minute 20000 turn, has doubled in just a few years. The maximum feed rate per minute up to 20 ---- 60 meters, is the good old times. In the machining precision, almost 10 years, the general level of processing precision CNC machine tools has been loum to 5 It m, Precision Machining Center from 3-5 um, up to 1 - 1. 5 p In, and the ultra-precision machining accuracy has begun to enter the nano-scale ((0. 0 1 am).


    2, composite, multi-functional, multi-axis-oriented control is the main technical features of the development of

 As information terminals become increasingly smaller and lighter toward the direction. The processing of its components are increasingly high requirements. In the increasingly integrated components, at the same time reduce the number of processing the shape is increasingly complex. Multi-axis control machine tools suitable for machining of complex shape of the workpiece.

    On the other hand, shorter product cycles also requires machine tools can readily adjust and adapt to new changes, to meet the processing needs of a wide variety of products. This requires a machine capable of handling tools used to take several treatment processes. In this context, composite, multi-functional, multi-axis control of development is the inevitable trend of the times.


    3, intelligent, open, network-based development of contemporary numerical control system the main trends

    Intelligent manufacturing technology in the 21st century, the development of a general direction, intelligent processing is based on neural network control, fuzzy control, digital network technology and theoretical processing. To address the closed nature of traditional and CNC numerical control system application software industrial production problems. At present, many countries conduct a study of open CNC system, CNC system and opening up has become a numerical control system of the future path. The networking equipment, CNC machine tools in the last two years, an internationally renowned exhibition of a new bright spot. NC network equipment will greatly satisfy the production lines, manufacturing systems, manufacturing information integration needs of enterprises, but also to achieve new manufacturing paradigms such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprises, global manufacturing base unit.


    4, the extensive application of information and communication technology

    The introduction of information and communication technology has made modern machine tools to further enhance the degree of automation, the operator via the network and mobile phones on the remote machine's process changes the status of its operation to monitor and accumulate the relevant data. With the increasing globalization of the world economy, the modern machine tools in the after-sales service requires not only meet local needs, but also the globalization of the service system must be established using the network will connect manufacturers and users, through the network equipment maintenance and inspection, Not only can improve service efficiency, but also help to improve our product quality.


    2, post-WTO China's NC Machine Tool Industry Situation Analysis

    A post-WTO era the status quo of China's Machine Tool Industry

    CNC machine tool industry of China is low, and the CNC machine tool industry in developed countries there is still great compared to the gap. In 2004, China's metal processing machine tool consumption totaled 9.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the world's total 1 / 5. Among them, share of imports accounted for 63, numerically controlled machine tool "" the amount of 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for all imports of metal-cutting machine tools, 78.6 percent, according to China Machine Tool Industry Association statistics, in 2004 China's consumption of metal processing machine tool market amounted to 94.6 100 million U.S. dollars, when the world's total consumption of metal processing machine tools 45.3 billion U.S. dollars, China accounted for 21% of the world, following the 2002 and 2003, it is still maintained the position of consuming nations.


    2, Features

    (1), new product development has been a great breakthrough in high-tech products have occupied a dominant position.

    (2), substantial increase in output of CNC machine tools, CNC-based rate improved significantly.

    (3), the key to the development of CNC machine tool accessory products achieved a breakthrough.

    In recent years, through government support, supporting production of CNC machine tools has been developed rapidly.


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