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by Larry Bregman - Date: 2006-11-11 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

If you don't have a lot of upfront money and you really want to work for yourself without a partnership or franchising, your work from home Internet business can still thrive in many freelance ventures.

The primary advantage to a freelance work at home Internet business, as opposed to affiliation with any other person or firm is that you are your own boss. The additional advantage is that you can generally keep your costs way done. Speed is another important ingredient in freelance work. You can start your business quickly, and start making money quickly.

The first thing to do in order to start your freelance Internet business is to decide on what business you will offer. You need to know your skills, your experience, your strengths and your interests. If you consider skills, experience and strength but ignore what interests you, you have lost the point of working for yourself. You will leave drudgery behind only to head into more drudgery. You need to ask yourself what are you passionate about? What makes you happy?

These are the things that should be part of your work from home Internet business. Of course, it has to make marketing sense too. If you love scuba diving but your market area is the desert you might want to consider another business, market exclusively on the Internet to expand your market, or move. Fortunately you can operate many internet businesses and not worry where you live because the whole world is your domain.

The personal questions you need to ask yourself before you decide on the right work from home Internet business, or even if you're a good candidate for a work at home Internet business, are the following:

  • Am I self-motivated?
  • Am I self-disciplined?
  • Am I organized or can I learn organization skills?
  • Can I maintain focus for an extended period of time even in the face of distractions and adversity?
  • Do I have confidence in myself and my skills in the business area I have chosen?
  • Will I be miserable working alone, without the camaraderie and affirmation of my work colleagues and supervisors?
  • Is my skill or product marketable?
  • How will my life and my family's life be affected by my having a work from home Internet business?
  • Am I financially ready for this – able to live for six months to a year before showing a profit?

If you've answered these questions in a positive way, a freelance work from home Internet business is probably for you. The most prominent freelance work from home Internet business ventures are jobs for: writers; editors; copywriters; designers; virtual call center reps offering inbound or outbound sales, customer service or technical support services; and computer professionals such as programmers, designers and Webmasters. Hundreds of other freelance work from home Internet business types exist, however, in dozens of varying industries. If you want to work from home at your very own Internet business an opportunity awaits you somewhere.

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