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"Fabricated" accomplishments Xinxing pillar industries are not producing stainless steel, last year, Xinxing County, the Chinese Association of Productivity Promotion Center awarded "China Stainless Steel Kitchenware village" in the title, becoming the nation's largest county-level production and export base. All rely on imports of raw materials, stainless steel kitchen meal finished another major export, with some of the emerging group of county party secretary Huang said was "something out of nothing, two out."

Xinxing County, stainless steel Kitchenware Manufacturing started in May 1984, when the county within an agricultural machinery plant in cooperation with Hong Kong businessmen, a production workshop in the factory equipped with processing, production of stainless steel products, this is the first of Xinxing County, stainless steel production, All the products are exported. In March 1986, Xinxing County, established the first Stainless Steel Products Factory, Since then, Xinxing truly their own business, technology, brand challenges the international market. New stainless steel kitchen meal with reliable quality and good corporate reputation has attracted a large number of merchants came to ordering, joint ventures and direct investment.

Late 80's, new stainless steel products businesses have sprung up everywhere, is developing rapidly, has registered Gabriel Feng stainless steel plant and the union, Lingfeng, Guangdong Xinghua, Dongxing spring, etc. Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., an industry growing scale of production, the product at home and abroad increasingly high profile. In order to meet the development needs of the situation, in 1995, the county's first conglomerates - Xinxing 3 a Stainless Steel Products Group Co., Ltd. was set up, followed by the rise of Europe and Asia, everything Thai, Baoding, the League of Nations and other Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. and Ling Feng Group Co., Ltd. of stainless steel products such as the size of enterprises, Xinxing County, stainless steel kitchen meals gradually became a thriving manufacturing industry development.

    At present, the county meal stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers have grown to 35, and the supporting manufacturers more than 30 last year, reached 3.8 billion yuan output value and export value of 190 million U.S. dollars, more than 95% of products exported, export volume accounts for 45% of Guangdong Province, in Europe and the United States market share of up to 50%, which is the largest county-level production and export base. Xinxing meal stainless steel kitchenware manufacturing industry, can be summarized in two words: "the atmosphere." The face of tens of thousands of square meters of a production workshop, several acres of stainless steel industrial park, field businessmen said that enough with the Pearl River Delta and the coastal economically developed areas of the plant is comparable. Large workshop, large parks, large-scale, large industry, which is a new stainless steel kitchenware industry is characterized by meal, after 20 years of development, the industry has shrunk, it is from a small agricultural machinery plant workshop to develop into a pillar industry in the emerging One of the annual output of stainless steel kitchenware meal accounted for 40% of the county industrial output value.

Stainless steel industry, the vitality of the development, making three a group, Lingfeng Group, European and Asian companies, everything Thai company, Bailey Feng-scale enterprises a large number of companies come to the fore, the development of these enterprises, but also effectively promote the manufacturing of stainless steel Kitchenware expansion of the size. At present, the emerging 35 stainless steel enterprises, the annual output value of 10 billion home excess of 5 million have three, most companies adopted a number of international standards iso9000 series certification authority, and made a number of national patent. Stainless Steel Kitchenware emerging manufacturing sector has driven a number of associated hardware, plastic, glass, printing, packaging and other industries engaged in related industries has more than 30 manufacturers, stainless steel Kitchenware manufacturing and related industries practitioners have 30000 people.

Influx of new customers a quality environment is one of the province's 51 mountain counties, geographical location, infrastructure and other conditions, as compared with the developed areas in the Pearl River Delta, there is a wide gap. However, in recent years, a number of new customers has become an investment hot spot, which is emerging of people play to their advantages, devote themselves to doing a good job Investment is inseparable. Who is committed to investing in emerging hardware and software environment of the building with a beautiful environment, preferential policies and high quality service has won the favor of domestic and foreign businessmen, stainless steel Kitchenware manufacturing industry as the pillar industry of Xinxing County.

In recent years, Xinxing County, invested over 10 billion yuan, do a good job of town planning, roads, electricity, communications, water supply and other infrastructure construction, at present, the export channel in the four compass directions Xinxing County, there are three channels to achieve a four-lane cement road, the other a channel is also carried out the renovation and expansion; county, town and village levels, as well as the completion of the road network linking the territory of the Guangzhou - Maoming - Nanning railway, provincial s113 line, s276-line for the county's economic development has laid a solid basis.

To enable investors to minimize investment costs, be more generous in return, the county has developed a "Xinxing incentives for investors and approach", land, water, electricity, labor, etc. In compliance with policies, laws and regulations under the conditions that can avoided, can reductions. In order to attract more clients, the county has also made outstanding contributions to the investors, entrepreneurs and businesses awarded the "People's Government of Xinxing County, courtesy cards" to protect their legitimate rights and interests and to allow them to enjoy VIP-style treatment; those who hold "courtesy card "The vehicle crossings within the scope of this county, all free passage across the bridge. The county set up the "Administrative Service Center," focused on more than 20 functional departments of government staff in the investor's license applications, opening to provide "one-stop" one-stop service.

In order to keep abreast of the situation of enterprises and help enterprises to solve the problem,leader members and business linkage, in order to close follow-style services to help businesses solve the problem and difficulties in a timely manner, to urge the company to accelerate development. Soft and hard good investment environment to attract a large number of investors coming in to invest and build factories to do the emerging industry.

Xinxing County, the State Development Bank examined the investment environment, the credit loans 4 billion to support the emerging economic development. A Belgian production of stainless steel kitchenware meal production base of customers in the emerging third-phase expansion completed renovation project, the also their overseas factories to relocate to new, the foreign investors, said he is optimistic about the investment environment in emerging before making such a decision-making. The company's production lines put into operation during the year all the monthly output can reach 1 billion, will become the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel pot.

Brand driven product innovation in emerging excellence of stainless steel Kitchenware, regardless of output, variety, quality and are in a relatively leading level. Stainless Steel Kitchenware from the big sub-classes can be divided into cutlery and kitchen utensils, and then sub-divided into more than 30 categories and more than 1,000 varieties of: knife, spoon, fork, bowls, plates, chopsticks, pots, cups, etc., can be said to be everything. But the new people clearly understand that the occupation is not merely the number of markets and production, must have its own brand, have their own brands.

The manufacture of stainless steel kitchenware meal seems relatively simple, steel cut stamping dies after different shape, and then by polishing can be, does not.

Looks like an ordinary stainless steel pot, using special materials, through the high-frequency brazing and other special treatment becomes a "compound at the end of pot." This pot has good thermal performance and durability, in Europe and the United States market, known as the "new pot," a user-specified number of merchants and buy the "new pot," is this burning, won the "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" title.

A stainless steel vacuum pot, set low, safety, and environmental protection advantages of a in the use of the quick and easy when you have a pressure cooker and traditional tile pot unique flavor, use it in more than 10 minutes to burn a good soup can be maintained within the authentic would not harm the nutritional composition, is comparable to any one of the "old fire soup."

Excellence through innovation, Xinxing County, stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers to establish a number of meals their own brands and advanced technologies: "aaa" trademark, "Lingfeng" trademark was awarded "Guangdong Famous Brand"; "3 a" group, Lingfeng Group's stainless steel kitchen meals are "brand-name products in Guangdong Province"; "Ling Ming" brand stainless steel fingerprint lock has been selected the U.S. Air Force Command at the same time as high-tech products appear in the Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters; color of stainless steel process, the silver Sparkling stainless steel products have become colorful, this advanced technology at home and abroad are far ahead of the position; knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks by foreign airlines to choose from, new stainless steel products every day of the four oceans in the world five continents in the "shuttle flight."

The brand, famous trademark, and advanced technology to the emerging of stainless steel kitchenware icing on the cake meal, through the brand driven innovation and excellence, new stainless steel kitchen meal the rapid development of manufacturing industry in one fell swoop into the country's largest county-level production and export base.

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