Weight Loss Tips - Discover Your Unique Body Type (and Shape) To Start Targeting The Problem Areas

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There are three different body types.

1) Endomorphs

These are people who tend to have bigger bones than the average person. They have a round face with bigger hips and thighs. Their legs and arms tend to be short with smallish hands and feet. They have a higher waistline than most other people, giving them a stocky appearance. Endomorphs can build lean mass and muscles easily, but tend to have higher levels of body fat and find it difficult to lose weight.

2) Mesomorphs

Generally, mesomorphs have an hourglass (or ruler shape) figure. But, the majority have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. They have a more athletic look to them. They tend to gain muscle mass easily, and due to a faster metabolism they can lose weight easier than the endomorphs.

3) Ectomorphs

Have narrow waists, hips and shoulders, causing a thin linear appearance. Ectomorphs tend to have low levels of body fat, and can lose weight easily. But, they have a hard time gaining lean muscle mass.

So, as you can see by the examples above, we all have different body types. Each of these body types differs in its amount of body fat and muscle mass. Your body type is generic, and it is hard to change. But, by identifying your type and shape you can sculpt your body with certain diets and exercise.

Remember though, it is possible for a body to be a combination of the 3 basic types. In these cases your body type would be called ecto-mesomorph, or endo-mesomorph.

Your body shape defined

All of us are born with a distinct shape. This is based on the overall balance and physical size of the body. Men are described as being cone, or rectangular, shaped. While women tend to be hourglass, pear, apple or ruler shaped.

Ruler shape (most are ectomorphs)

These women tend to be waif like with not much difference in size between the hips, waist and shoulders. Though slim, rulers tend to put extra pounds on around the backside and stomach, while still maintaining slim arms and legs.

Pear shape (most are mesomorphs)

These people tend to have small upper bodies while their lower half tends to be larger. They tend to put on the pounds below the waist, and generally have a flat stomach and small chest. Their hips being slightly wider than their shoulders.

Apple shape (most are endomorphs or mesomorphs)

Here the body is generally larger on the top half. They have a large chest and stomach, while their hips are slim. Weight gain is generally above the waist, or along their backside.

Hourglass shape (most are endomorphs or mesomorphs)

Often envied by friends due to their well proportioned bodies. They have a narrow waist, with the chest and hips being similar in size. Hourglasses tend to gain weight all over, especially on the hips and chest.

How to make the most of your shape and improve on it.

None of us are ever satisfied with our bodies. Below are some exercises for toning and sculpting your body no matter what your shape.

Hourglass shape exercises

Jumping jacks
exercise bike with light resistance
some slow jogging
curls, presses and squats

Focus on cardio and resistance exercises. The cardio exercise will keep your weight in check, and the resistance exercises will maintain a good balance between the top and bottom half of your body. Keep your resistance weights on the light side to prevent building up of too much muscle, and vary your repetitions for the same reason.

Pear shape exercises

exercise bike with light resistance
jumping rope
leg lifts
leg dips
push ups
chin ups
shoulder presses

These exercises focus on balancing the top half of your body to the bottom half. While doing this you need to thin out the bottom half by focusing on aerobic exercises. Don't forget to use light weights, and do high repetitions on these exercises (once you are fitter that is)

Apple shape exercises

walking uphill
leg squats
leg presses

Focus on aerobic exercises as you need to slim down and lose the unwanted body fat. You need to concentrate on the lower half of your body to help balance out your shoulders and chest. The exercises above are low-resistance, and involve low repetitions, and designed to assist the apple shape.

Ruler shape exercises

step classes
walking or jogging uphill
bench presses
shoulder presses

Due to the ruler shape you have, all your muscle groups need to be worked on if you want to build a symmetrical body. Resistance exercise can help build up your muscle mass, and cardio exercise will help you lose the weight you may have on the buttocks, or the stomach.

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