Losing Weight Through Acupuncture

by Lee Dobbins - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 461 Share This!

These days, there are many kinds of diets and methods for weight loss. Some may be healthy for you and others may not, but the vast majority of overweight people are willing to try just about anything. Usually methods of losing weight revolve around the foods that you eat, but one method which has nothing to do with food and has shown some promise of being effective is using acupuncture for weight loss.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries as a method of healing as well as improving a person's overall health. This practice involves placing needles and strategic points which are associated with nerves and have been shown to help realign energy in the body and, therefore, alleviate physical and emotional distress.

So how can acupuncture help you lose weight? Acupuncture helps you be more relaxed and gives you more energy which will in turn put a zip in your step and help you to be able to exercise more thus burning more calories. The stress relief alone from acupuncture can be huge boost to people who are prone to stress eating and that alone can help you lose a lot of weight.

In addition, acupuncture helps boost your circulatory system and can improve your metabolism both things which can help you burn extra calories even when you're just sitting around watching TV. acupuncture techniques help improve the digestive system which can help you to feel full faster and therefore eat less. wended acupuncturist treats you for weight loss often times the needles will be put in the meridian points that are associated with the kidney, spleen and stomach and sometimes those with the lungs, thyroid and mouth. Typically, however, the treatment is customized to the patient and their particular needs.

Losing weight through acupuncture requires a commitment of about two treatments each and every week. These treatments will most likely consist of placing the needles at strategic points in the body as well as sending electrical currents through the needles. Sometimes, the acupuncturist may also have a mixture of herbs that the patient can take which will help remove toxins and strengthen the flow of energy which will aid in weight loss. They may also have dietary recommendations and you may be asked to eliminate some foods from your diet for a specific period of time until your weight stabilizes.

One thing to remember about using acupuncture for weight loss is that it is a slow process and you will have to have some patience. Acupuncture overall can bring on a lifestyle change that will help you lose weight and keep it off. This is a natural method of losing weight that is not harmful to you and should be tried by anyone who has a few extra pounds they need to take off.

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