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by Dr. Daniel Bashi - Date: 2010-10-19 - Word Count: 560 Share This!

Cosmetic surgery immediately throws up a number of images. Be it trout pouts, oversized breasts or all of the above in the plastic miracle that is Jordan, these images are rarely positive. One of the most feared and scrutinised procedures of all is liposuction, something that is viewed as a quick fix solution. It is derided as a way for overweight individuals to blast off the pounds in a quick, yet hugely expensive, way. It has even been satirised in popular films such as Fight Club, where anarchistic men steal the fat, make it into soap, and sell it back to the rich people who paid so much for their body sculpting. However, with such concerns it is easy to lose sight of the procedure's true use - it is not just a case of finding a quick fix. It is a way to reshape one's physique and improve one's health.

So in order to accept it, one must understand it. Liposuction, lipoplasty or liposculputure lipectomy is the procedure of removing fat from different sites on the human body, such as the thighs, stomach, buttocks, the upper arm or even the neck. The procedure, while increasingly painless - it can be performed under local anaesthetic - is obviously risky, becoming more dangerous the more fat is removed. It was invented by Doctors Giorgio and Arpad Fischer in Rome in 1974, though reports of similar body sculpting procedures being carried out date back to 1920s Paris. As it has developed over the years, new ways of carrying out the procedure, such as laser-tipped probes and ultrasound being used to melt the fat, have evolved.

While stories of people having masses of fat removed from their bodies will always surface, the majority of these are generally exaggerated or even false. Due to the fact that the procedure is designed for body sculpting rather than simply emptying fat from the body, it gives the impression of more fat having been removed than was actually the case. Indeed, it is not recommended as the quick fix solution it is so often dismissed as being. Liposuction is designed to remove fat that is normally all but impossible to shift, such as from under the arms and the buttocks.

Now, most importantly, to explode a myth about liposuction, while this form of body sculpting may remove fat, it does not destroy the cells that produce the fat, so without regular exercise, the excess weight will quickly return. Indeed, it is strongly recommended that people at least begin an exercise regime before undergoing the procedure, making it more a way of giving people the impetus to lose weight and becoming healthier than a lazy man's way of ridding himself of love handles.

So if you are considering liposuction, there are some important points to consider. Most importantly, older people are advised to avoid body sculpting in this way. Younger people's skin retains a greater elasticity, so older people's skin will sag unattractively if the undergo lipo. Furthermore, smokers are not advised to undergo the procedure.

So while liposuction may seem like an easy solution to one's weight problem, it is not a procedure undertaken lightly. Cost aside, it is designed to change your eating and exercise habits, and not to make you thin without any need for effort.

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