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South African Bushmen for thousands of years uses this flowering plant that looks like a cactus plant.

Suzanne Nelson, owner of Suzanne's Natural Foods stated that "African Bushmen used it when they traveled across the desert to help suppress their appetite and thirst. It was used by them and as people in our culture found out about it, they thought it would work as an appetite suppressant and it does."

The www.flora.com stated that in the past studies showed that hoodia's appetite-suppressing properties are projected to be up to 100,000 times as potent as glucose, transferring a signal to the brain that makes the body complete.

Shannon Linder, a nutritionist with Freeman Health Systems stated that in he research shows that there are about 20 types of hoodia, but only one kind - the hoodia gordonii has found to be appetite suppressant.

Linda stated that "It is very rare and very controlled in South Africa so it will be very expensive. Fifty percent or more of what you find on the market will be a different variety of hoodia plant. The actual hoodia product should have an independent lab report to show its quality and will be pretty high in cost."

Take it in account the caution if you wanted to try hoodia or any other diet products you better to do some research first and foremost.

Nelson stated that "People need to be aware with weight-loss (products) what they are getting. Any reputable company selling a weight-loss product will have a caution on the bottle." "It is up to the consumer to check to see if it says 'Do not take this if you have a heart condition.' Also, certain weight-loss products may have ingredients that have other things that may not be good for people on anti-depressants or who are suffering from depression. It will say on the bottle. It is good that they look at the labels and know what they are getting or talk to someone here."

Suzanne's offers online assistance and support at the store for customers to find out if the product is safe to be use.

Lina said that"Be careful with some claims that hoodia can help with diabetes and high blood pressure. In general, for people with type 2 diabetes, losing weight will help control blood sugars and lower your blood pressure. It's not from hoodia."

An average person would probable happen to be sick if they consumed in excess of 800 mgs of real hoodia at any one time, a fact that you have to consider.

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