Is Liposuction The Answer?

by Dr. Daniel Bashi - Date: 2010-10-19 - Word Count: 584 Share This!

While it is one thing to consider liposuction, it is totally different to actually beginning the procedure of finding a surgeon, having your candidacy approved and going through with it. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. In order to ensure that you are making the right decision when you go for the procedure, there are myriad factors that must be taken into consideration. Depending on your outlook on the world, the first thing that springs to mind may be cost, yet on another level, you may worry about the implications for your health. Either way, it is important to be sure that you are totally willing to go ahead, and to be sure that you are even a suitable candidate for the body sculpting process.

First of all you need to be sure where you want to lose the fat. It is generally carried out on areas where the fat is extremely difficult to lose via conventional exercise, which on women can be the upper arms, buttocks, abdomen, flanks and outer thighs, and is much the same on men. However, the body sculpting procedures carried out on either sex do tend to differ. On women, liposuction is usually performed on the abdomen and thighs, while on men it is carried out on the abdomen and flanks (eg, on the 'love handles'). Men have even begun to have fat sucked from their 'man boobs' for a more svelte figure.

However, it is not possible to simply suck all the fat out and have a lovely new slim body, due to the complicated and potentially deadly procedure involved in removing a large amount of fat. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons defines a large amount of fat as around 8 pints, which, depending on a person's weight, may not be enough to give them the ideal body shape. Therefore this form of body sculpting, while taking off at least some of the pounds, may not result in the longed-for figure. Therefore it is worth at least attempting a strict exercise regimen before deciding on liposuction.

Indeed, many surgeons will refuse to carry out body sculpting on people who have not at least made a sustained attempt to lose the weight through conventional exercise. To even be considered, one must be over 18, and are unable to lose the final 10 - 15 pounds. Any sort of medical condition like diabetes, heart problems or infections immediately nullify one's suitability for liposuction, so it may even be worth going for a check-up before attempting to have the procedure.

It is also important to view the procedure from the surgeon's perspective - they usually have four important points to consider before going through with the body sculpting. First of all, obviously, they want to ensure that they remove the right amount of fat - this is to ensure that the body does not look misshapen. Then they must make sure that they do not damage neighbouring and connective tissue during the procedure, which could cause physical discomfort long after the procedure. They also want to ensure that the fluid balance in the body is not disturbed, which would be liable to cause future health issues. Finally, they must ensure that the patient is in as little discomfort as possible.

So while you may feel at your wit's end, with no other way for a life without 'love handles', but even then body sculpting should only be considered if it is truly the last option available.

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