Success - What is It?

by Dominic Tay - Date: 2008-10-16 - Word Count: 431 Share This!

Different people have different definitions of success. To the general working class, success could be getting that car, getting that dream house or getting a certain sum of money.
To salesman, success could be having more customers, earning more commissions or getting more sales.
How about you? What is your definition of success?
I've not spoken or seen you before so I can't tell what success really is to you. But 80% of the time, most people would relate their level of success to achieving a certain financial goal.
Sounds boring, doesn't it?
How about let's see 'success' in a totally different point of view? Feel what impact it would have in your life if you were to perceive success this way.
"Success is having fun while accomplishing something worthwhile."
Doesn't it make sense? When I first saw 'success' in this light, it made my brain go, "Wow..." Now, did it have the same impact on you?
You see. Many people in life go around achieving this goal and that goal. And after achieving these goals, they realized, to their surprise, that the achievement did not make them feel happy at all. Experienced this before?
Let me give you a good example.
Did do you think Richard Branson felt when he sold his Virgin records for a billion dollars.
Make a guess. Did he feel happy? Elated? Ecstatic?
Well, the exact opposite is the truth.
He felt so sad he was crying as he held the billion dollars? Why? Because he sold a business that brought him fun doing it.
I once heard an internet marketing guru said this, "You must have fun before you can have fund."
I heard before many working professionals who said, "I would do things I like once I get enough money to retire." And usually, they end up feeling tired, unhappy and grouchy. Why? Simply because they would never get the kind of money they think is 'enough'.
So they end up doing work they don't like for the rest of their life, feeling unsuccessful.
I'm about to throw a challenge at you right now. Are you ready?
Challenge yourself to do what you love and get paid for it. If you love writing, start writing and charging people for a fee. If you love singing, start recording mp3s or teach other people how to sing, and get paid for it.
The only way to success is to first understand what's fun to you, and doing it for the rest of your life and getting paid for it.
Are you up to the challenge?

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