How Effective is the Power of Your Subconscious Mind?

by Alvin Huang - Date: 2010-11-11 - Word Count: 506 Share This!

Most people are bombarded with this thought whenever they feel weak and wish to affect certain change in their day to day life. There are quite a number of writings which have been written to emphasis the power of the subconscious mind, albeit most individual are skeptical about the subject. Well, there are overwhelming proves about the functions of the mind and how it affects our lifestyles. It is very important to understand the function of the brain and the mind if one is interested in affecting any self development act. Many people attest to the power of subconscious mind in any activity they engage themselves in. Anyone interested in attaining a personal development act should acknowledge the power of your subconscious mind.

The brain is the main controlling organ in the human body, any activity done by an individual has its directives from the brain. The brain is interconnected by nerve cells and nerve endings which are the main forms of communication in the human body system. The nerve cells and these nerve endings help in transporting impulses throughout the body in order to perform specific tasks. The functions of the brain brings alive the intangible state of the brain which is called the mind. The mind exists in two states namely the conscious and the subconscious state. These two mind states are different in functions but mutual in delivering mind functions. The conscious state of the mind acts as a blanket to the subconscious mind, the functions of the conscious state of the mind creates a protection to the vulnerable yet powerful subconscious mind.

The means by which the conscious state performs to affect such protection is by reasoning . For instance; an individual will reason out anything that's not familiar with them before allowing it to get into the subconscious mind. Those events which are not familiar to the conscious mind are discarded while those which make sense or are based upon better judgment in self development acts are allowed into the subconscious. These acts of allowing events into the subconscious mind create a learning process which is effective in developing or discarding certain lifestyles.

Any individual who may be interested in affecting self development acts should be aware of universal laws of attraction and their influence on an individual subconscious mind. It is very important for such individual to learn details of how they can influence these natural forces to form a bias on any of their self development act. Reading books which aid in affecting positive self affirmation about the desired self development act is quite recommended as the conscious mind relates well to information it can relate to. There is no limit to what a well trained subconscious mind can achieve; a well trained mind can attain any goal an individual sets it to do be it a physical goal or a spiritual goal. The most encouraging thing about the human autonomy is that one can get himself out of any mess they may be in through the power of the your subconscious mind.

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