The Resurgence of Fred Perry Clothing

by Trevor Richards - Date: 2010-11-19 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

Summer might long be over and Wimbledon may be a distant memory, however the fashion is a year round trend thanks to the popular Fred Perry designer clothing brand. Fred Perry clothing was born from the British tennis player of the same name. The line of clothing was first launched in Wimbledon back in 1952. The range of casual clothes have become a well known brand in Britain, however it is now owned by a corporation based in Japan.

Fred Perry clothing is identifiable by the laurel logo which is usually positioned on the left breast in the case of it's polo shirts. Whereas many name brand clothes have their logos ironed on, Fred Perry clothing will has it's logo stitched on.

When the line of clothing first came out, the polo shirt was only available in white however as demand grew, popular demand led to shirts appearing in more and more varied colours. Today these polo shirts come in a range of varied colours such as gray, red, blue, black, white and all variations in between. Shirts are also made to reflect the style of clothing that golfers wear, however they still take the same form of the T-shaped tennis shirt which usually has a two or three buttoned closure. These brands of shirts have become famous due in no small part to the identifiable twin stripes on the collar as well as the cuffs.

The Fred Perry range of clothing doesn't restrict itself to short sleeve shirts, manufacturing as it also does long sleeve, checked and solid shirts. They also come in a range of different fits to suit the range of sizes they are popular with.

These shirts are particularly popular in the summer months as they are cotton based and are very effective at keeping the wearer cool. Recent years have show that Fred Perry clothing has become increasingly popular with youths thanks to it's signature fit and style. The clothes come in very casual styles so they make for practical every day wear as well as sports wear. The shorts appeal to a range of age groups, however they seem to be most popular amongst teenagers and those in the early to mid 20s. Fred Perry clothing isn't just limited to summer wear as they tend to bring out a new line of clothing for each season.

If you are looking to stock up on a few items of clothing then it can be difficult to know whether to buy online or to go shopping in the more traditional shops on the high street. The benefit of browsing websites is that it is much easier to compare prices and as such you are more likely to get a better deal, however the downside is that you dont get to handle the product which of course is the main benefit of going into a real shop. Perhaps a nice trade off would be to go to a shop and try on several items so that you can find what clothing suits you best and what size you should buy it in. You can then find the same item of clothing online and shop round until you find one for the best price.

Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Room 14 Menswear, a UK retailer of Fred Perry Clothing.n
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