How to Make Conscious Shopping Choices

by Stewart Wrighter - Date: 2010-11-15 - Word Count: 508 Share This!

Many people have heard the phrase "voting with your dollars" and they understand that it means your purchases matter when making a statement which is true. In a society that is guided by how money is spent, it is important to make conscious choices when shopping. If a company is able to sell a certain item easier and more effectively than another, they will work to create more of the successful, popular items. If fair trade products and eco-friendly products far outweigh other options in sales, companies are likely to focus on creating more of this type of item. By forcing a company to focus on certain types of items, you are making gradual change in the world with your shopping choices. You are making a statement with your dollars.

There are plenty of things to focus on when trying to shop responsibly. Items that are made with recycled materials which mean less waste and less pollution when creating new items. When you can, choose items that were made from recycled materials. The market has vastly improved when it comes to quality in recycled goods, so you can do your part to help the earth without sacrificing quality.

Another benefit to shopping responsibly is improving your personal health and the health of your family. Buying organic foods enables you to avoid harmful pesticides and chemicals when eating. You are also helping the animal population by not subjecting them to harmful treatments. The organic market is often pricier, but in recent years the cost of buying organic has begun to decrease. This is because more and more people are doing it. As the demand for organic items grows, so will the competition. As more and more companies get into the organic trend, the consumer will have a greater number of affordable choices and the face of grocery consumption will begin to change.

To have an impact with your shopping dollars, it is a good idea to shop at local establishments. There may be nothing wrong with large chain stores, but in order for the economy to really flourish, small businesses must be able to succeed along with larger companies. When you are looking for personalized service or you need a unique item not found at large stores, patronize small businesses. They may never grow into a huge, multi-national company, but they will make an honest living working with local customers who trust their service.

Finally, make it a priority to shop at establishments to protect their workers. If you know of a company that respects its employees and treats them well, patronize that business. Businesses that are abusive or cheat employees will eventually go out of business if they lose their customers. Do a little research and make sure the items you are buying were created humanely and make sure the people selling them to you are being treated well too. There is nothing better than getting a good bargain, but if you are jeopardizing the welfare of another person, no discount price is enough to erase the damage your dollars have done.

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