Are You Looking For Cholesterol Drugs Without Side Effect?

by Ashish Jain - Date: 2006-12-22 - Word Count: 529 Share This!

High cholesterol level is probably one of the widely spread complication among Americans. Almost forty to fifty percent Americans have their LDL level higher than the normal. In order to bring down the level, medications are quite frequently in use. But these medications are only sought when dietary measures and exercises are unable to regulate high level of bad cholesterol. Most of the widely prevalent cholesterol medications are likely to result in certain side effects. That's why great research and development is on in America to come up with effective anti cholesterol medications with least or no side effect.

Although with more side effects or less side effects, old groups of cholesterol medication are widely accepted. However diabetic folks must take these medications with extreme care. They must seek their doctor's opinion before consuming these medicines.

Folks taking medicines must keep track of their blood cholesterol level so that they may not get indulged in over usage of drugs. These cholesterol lowering drugs work in divergent ways however their purpose remains the same.

Various medications could be listed as follows-

Statin medications
Statin is probably most sought after cholesterol medication. It is very active bad cholesterol reducing agent. Medicines of this group could lower bad cholesterol even up to sixty percent. It enhances liver's capacity to eliminate LDL or bad cholesterol from blood by increasing level of HDL or good cholesterol. However its usage may result in intestinal and certain other side effects. Simvastatin, Pravachol, Lovastatin and Lipitor are some of the medicines of this group.

Niacin medications
It is also known as Nicotinic acid medicines. Medicines of this group too serve the same purpose. Along with LDL cholesterol it also affects Triglyceride. These vitamin B3 drugs could be even found in natural food products. It also helps in widening blood vessels. Its consumption often results in headache and itching.

Bile Acid sequestrants
These absorbers in intestine help prevent cholesterol from getting into blood circulation for that they get adhered with bile and excess cholesterol comes out through stool. It is an effective cholesterol reducing agent. Colestipol and Cholestyramine are two acids in use to serve the purpose.

Derivatives of fibric acids
It reduces total cholesterol count. It also increases level of good cholesterol. This medicine is particularly meant for lowering Triglyceride. Gemfibrozil and Fenofibrate are two popular medicines of this group. These medicines may give way to certain digestive disorders.

Cholesterol absorption inhibitors
These are relatively new drugs. These facilitates intestinal absorption of Low density cholesterol thus help in preventing excessive deposition of blood cholesterol. Ezetimibe is one of the drugs of this group that is being used frequently.

These are widely prevalent medication groups. None of these medicines come as over the counter drugs. Some new cholesterol drugs have also come on the block. Recently Pennsylvania University has come up with a drug called Torcetrapib that serves the purpose of cholesterol reduction well and inventors also boast off that the medication is free of side effects. ACAT or Acyl co A or Cholesterol acyltransferase is another new drug that is said to be equally efficient to serve the same purpose with probably no side effects.

Let's hope for many more side effect free medications to curb this menace of bad cholesterol.

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