Are Bulk Email Marketing Techniques Really Beneficial

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Even before we begin talking about bulk email marketing, let us first make our concept clear about the huge difference between bulk email marketing and SPAM emailing. The major difference between the two is that SPAMs have no benefits at all, moreover, they are unethical and unprofessional use of emails. Where as Bulk email marketing is extremely beneficial marketing tool which is widely used by websites for different reasons.

When we talk about bulk emailing the first thing that comes in mind is list-building. Websites use buli email marketing with their personally created opt-in list of customers, who will be ready to receive your emails and are probable buyers too. The opt in list is a collection of those email ids of the visitors, who had visited your website and willingly opted to subscribe to your newsletters. This list is obtained by a simple process of form filling, which contains essential details of the subscriber along with their mailing address. Marketers, then make use of this opt in list to sort probable users and send them promotional emails of their website.

Another reason why bulk email marketing is preferred over other online marketing techniques is because, it helps you keep in touch with your customers. It is a good practice to keep a friendly relation with your clients. Email marketing helps you do that. It is not necessary that every time you send a newsletter to your list, that they will make a purchase from your site. These messages also serves as simple 'we remember you' message too.

Even though bulk email marketing is carried out within the own list of subscribers only, many a times it so happens that your subscribers find your newsletter interesting and useful, and they forward it to their friends. This increases both the circulation of your email newsletter and also the probability of more people joining your website and buying from it. What you should remember about bulk email marketing is that it should not occur too often. Meaning, your newsletters should not be sent to the recipients too often. As a matter of fact, it works adversely in both situations, when it is seen too often or when it is not seen for a long time. Hence, it is better to run your campaign by timing it perfectly.

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