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by PETER O'BRIEN - Date: 2008-12-11 - Word Count: 406 Share This!

One of the things you need when you start an online business is a list. You have heard the old saying that the money is in the list. Well to get a list you need to design a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a web page where you have your attention grabbing headline, bullet points about the report, guide or whatever type of product you are trying to sell or are giving away for free to get a name and email address.

Now most of us do not have the experience or knowledge to design a professional looking web page. Now you can take your headline, bullet points and code from your autoresponder and paste onto a blank page, upload the page and try to get visitors to subscribe to your list.

You will have a squeeze page that looks very unprofessional and your conversion rate will be awful. Visitors to your squeeze page will have a hard time giving up their name and email address if they feel that they are not dealing with a professional person or company.

By using an adsense template as your base, you know have a professionally designed web page in your niche. All you have to do is paste in your attention grabbing headline, bullet points and autoresponder code into the content area. You have know designed a squeeze page in a matter of minutes that looks professional and will help increase your conversion rate of subscribers to your list.

You also can make some money with adsense clicks if any visitor to your squeeze page does not want to subscribe. If you can't convert them into a subscriber, at least you have the option of converting them into some adsense money.

If you feel that adsense ads will take away from people subscribing, then just delete the adsense code on your squeeze page. This can be done very easily. Just go back to the block of code that you inserted you google adsense id and delete only the adsense code.

Now that you just learned that adsense templates can help you design a professional looking squeeze page in minutes-wouldn't you like to have your own set of 100 adsense templates? Start to get more subscribers to your list with this adsense website templates package that will help you make money online with multiple streams of income, not just adsense. Get the full story by visiting:

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