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by ROBERTO SEDYCIAS - Date: 2009-12-18 - Word Count: 587 Share This!

The Nintendo Wii is a fine system that has people of all ages playing it. From small kids to seniors in special homes, it seems like everyone is finding a way to enjoy it. Nintendo Wii came out as a system intended to get people moving in some way, and their ideas was a hit! It caught on and people have been playing it ever since.

Nintendo Wii first came out as a new system that allows you to move around while you`re playing. If you`re playing a driving game, you`re turning your arms and wrists to move the wheel or controller. The idea that you`re moving while playing a video game had many parents impressed. And not only were parents impressed but even adults with no kids wanted to try it.

There are many games that can be adult related. A sport disc comes with the game that allows you to bowl, play tennis, baseball and soccer. Many teens and adults absolutely love this feature and it is something that can be done alone or with friends. Even siblings are coming together to compete in the sport games.

With Nintendo Wii, you are able to create a character and personalize him/her, and this can be done for a few different people, which makes it perfect when more than one person will be using the system. And your character is who you will play with and save your games under. Personalizing a character is a fun concept for anyone who owns the console; it is a way to reflect yourself inside of a little box.

The Wii has many accessories that can be purchased for it. Tennis rackets, exercise mats and boards, surf boards, snow boards, steering wheels and even pistols. The accessories can be used with certain games that require specific items. For example a snowboarding game would go with the snowboard and the steering wheel would be for the car racing game. Even if accessories are not bought for certain games, the games can still be fun and work well with the remotes provided.

The exercise component is another reason why the Wii is so popular. Parents who have overweight kids might consider this type of system for the sports features, and activity seen in game play. There are even exercises programs run through games that can help a kid or adult whip into shape. This feature is popular with adults who want to get into shape the fun way and get some extra value from their system.

The Wii will come with a sensor bar that sits on the top of your TV. It senses where the remote is and uses it for game play. If your remote cannot see the sensor then it will not do anything. It also comes with a stand for the console, AC adapter, AV cable, Nunchuk, Wii remotes, and a sports disc. The Wii can hook up to the internet so you can surf on your TV, you can also buy games right on Nintendo`s website and download them right to your system.

The games available for Wii are truly amazing. Many of them are geared for families and kids. Even Jumpstart which is an educational software company has had some games developed for Nintendo Wii, so it is all about learning, getting moving and playing games that can bring the whole family together.

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