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Imagine if you had a list of 10,000 names and addresses of people who agreed to opt-into your physical mail newsletter that you send once a week. Would you take the time to photocopy 9,999 copies of the original copy, buy 10,000 envelopes, 10,000 stamps, and mail it all out at the same time. You can do that but it would take you so much time that you would probably never finish it. It would take you forever, right?

The nice thing about having an email opt-in list of subscribers is that you just have to type in the message, make sure that your grammar and spelling are both correct, and that your links that are in that newsletter are working. Once you have done all that, you just hit the "send" button and you are done. Wasn't that easy? for more detail you can login to Having an opt-in email list of subscribers who asked to be on your list is the ultimate ad campaign.

So how do you use an opt-in list properly?

First of all, an email newsletter delivered by email is a great way to connect with your customers and subscribers. You can sell your products to them. You can ask them for feedback on any topic that you like. You can be funny today and serious tomorrow. Always find a way to connect with them and show them that you are a real person and express yourself as a real human being.

Build your list and get permission.....

Now before you go and start your own opt-in email list, you need to know that each subscriber that comes into your newsletter gives you their personal permission to send periodic emails to them about what you are offering. Also, don't ever buy them from anybody. If you do and do send them emails with your offers then that would be considered SPAM. This is not allowed.

Now, go to any of the many companies that allow you to send those amounts of emails through their servers. Write down those emails that you like to be sent out. If you don't have anything to write about, you can always see what others in your field are doing and make it your own. You can actually subscribe yourself to any of those other newsletters and see what other marketers are doing and what they are writing in their emails.

You will also need to put a "subscribe Here" box on your Web site home page. Once you are done setting your emails to go out automatically to any person that will want more info, give your website visitors at least 3 different places on your site where they can subscribe themselves.

Make it easy for subscribers by requesting only their first name email address. Don't go out and ask them for their family name, pets name, phone number etc...

Additional important tips for a winning email newsletter:

* Make your privacy policy clear. Never rent or sell your list to anyone else:

It would be a good idea that you let your subscribers know that once they subscribe to your newsletter, that their privacy is guaranteed, go to tell them and assure them that you will not rent or sell their email address to anyone else. Doing this, can and will increase your list of subscribers.

*Avoid sending your e-newsletter too often:

Some people, who are new to sending email newsletters, often send their small subscriber list an email every day. Don't do that because this can irritate your subscribers and it will lead to many of them opting out from your list. You will want to send them an email 3 or 4 times a week or every other day.

*Make it easy to unsubscribe:

Giving your subscribers the option to opt out in each email is important too. Not everyone who joins your list will want to get emails from your forever no matter how good your newsletter is to them. Give them the option to opt out at the very bottom of each email that you send them.

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