How To Be Comfortable - Safe And Smart In Bicycle Clothes

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Wear The Right Bicycle Clothes While Biking Bicycling clothes must provide protection. comfort and safety. Specially designed bicycle clothes are available for enthusiastic bikers. These include pants and shorts with padding on the seat and front. waterproof jerseys. leggings. wind jackets. thick-soled shoes. helmets etc.

How To Be Comfortable. Safe And Smart In Bicycle Clothes

In cold or wet weather wearing two or three layers of clothes that can be removed or added according to changes in weather temperatures is advisable. Wearing a single heavy clothing can be cumbersome and impractical as it would soak up more water in case of rain.

Types of Bicycle Clothes

Pants that have a snug fitting. but do not chafe the inside of thighs when they rub against the bike saddle. They do not constrict the waist or the thighs. and are of a material that does not absorb rainwater. Thick fleece ones must be avoided during rains.

Shirts made of lycra or other form fitting material that will reduce wind resistance.

Lycra jerseys that are effective in sweat evaporation from the skin. High collared jerseys will protect the neck against sunburn. and when zipped up to the neck will safeguard against cold winds.

Very thinundershirts worn beneath jerseys in cold weather.

Jackets made of fleece. have water-repellant panels in front. and are close fitting. will protect against cold winds.

Shoes that are thick soled and moulded. and with velcro straps for fast open and close. and that can be tied through a buckle to make them more secure. Shoes should be tighter than normal fit. so that the feet do not shift. but are not cramped either.

Socks that are close-fitting and come with a sewn sole.

Gloves that are padded. give a non-slip grip. cushion hands from nerve damage. and prevent them from chafing or becoming sore.

Helmets that fit close and cannot be shifted once the straps are tied.Some good helmets have a web moulded into the foam that keeps them from disintegrating during an impact.

Plastic glasses that protect eyes against wind. sun glare. sand and small flying insects. and do not shatter on impact.

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