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A saddle is different from a traditional bicycle seat. A seat is designed to carry complete weight of the rider. while a saddle is built to carry some and not all of the cyclist's weight. A comfortable saddle is a necessity of every biker. Usually the cycle shops are full of bikers who want to replace their old saddles as they are not much satisfied with it.

Choosing a right saddle

Buy a soft or a hard saddle? Usually the practice is to go for soft saddles. but that is not necessarily the more comfortable option. When a person sits. major weight is consumed by the two bumps. If there is excessive padding in the saddle or if it is too soft. then it causes discomfort as these tend to divert the major load to the soft tissues between the sit-bones' two bumps.

Buy a Wide one or a Narrow Saddle? The answer to this is same as that for the saddle's width. It also relates to the space between the rider's sit bones. Soft tissues will have to bear the load if the saddles are too narrow as this will cause the sit bones to hang from the sides. And if the saddle is too wide. rashes might develop on the inner thighs.

Deciding on saddle material? In Plastic saddles. a large hole is left in the base in an effort to lessen the pressure on the genitals. This might not work for some people. as the sharp hole edges can accumulate the load in the groin area. Although leather paddles are a bit heavier than plastic saddles. yet they are flexible. As they can work even without the foam padding. they are a more comfortable option in the hot weather.

Gender Issues: Today. some surveys and researches conclude that a rider's weight pushes the penile arteries against the saddle. thereby reducing blood flow in them. in short it causes impotency. But as discusses earlier. this is caused by wrong choice of saddles and not be every saddle. As most saddles are designed keeping men in mind. it causes a problem for women riders. They usually have broad hips and this can cause the sit bones to overhang from a narrow saddle. leading to painful pressure on soft tissues.

So it is always important to choose the saddle that suits you and not flow with the market trend. Each rider has a unique body structure and if that is not respected. people might run into body problems.

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