Tour De France So Far

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The Tour De France started on July 3rd and finished on the 25th July as the riders completed the 97th tour of the 184 kilometre stint from Rotterdam to the Champs- Elysees in Paris. The individual winner - Alberto Contador from Madrid completed the race in the most astonishing time of 91 hours 58 minutes and 48 seconds. He was very closely followed by Andy Schleck of Luxembourg a mere 39 seconds later.

Now complete, looking back there has been no shortages of injuries and crashes in this year's Tour de France. These crashes have throw off many predictions, and left many pre-race favourites out of the running. Just half way through at the 10th stage there had already been 14 riders forced to withdraw due to injury.

The 10th stage had its fair share of crashes as well. The medium mountain stage and the last stage in the Alps, seen an additional 3 crashes. Robbie hunter had a bad crash at the very beginning of the stage but was able to finish the race on a replacement bike. Brent Bookwalter and Yaroslav Popvych were also involved in a crash, but finished 66th place despite the pain they were in.

Amateur cyclist Rod Gilmour has attempted to complete 5 stages of the Tour de France this year. This seems like nothing compared to the 20 stages that the other cyclists are going to be completing. However, Rod Gilmour has had little training, with only a few long distance rides under his belt, nothing compared to the huge task he has tried to accomplish. Why? You may be wondering. Gilmour is completing this purely for the William Wates Memorial Trust, an organisation raising money for charity. Five stages. 1000km. In Five days. Was he mad? He may have been, but Rod Gilmour along with a few other cyclists completed the ride, amazingly and raised in excess of 275,000 for their charity. This was an amazingly achievement for them, and their cause.

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