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Many people ask me "How should I train in winter and spring. Tell the same story in circulation, pulse, etc. .. but right when leaving the gang in 99% of cases reaching the same point, train more powerful, sprinting or if you are pedaling in the mountains, attacks and attempts to "win!" climb. Wrong ...

It was established from the beginning, this article does not talk about fans leaving the weekend cycling for 20 km. Nor those who use bicycles for rides in the city. Talking about people who want to train to participate in amateur competitions (road or MTB).

In previous years is likely to be trained and trained and trained, making hundreds or thousands of miles monthly. Your body arrived in good shape, then passed supraantrenare stage and you could not find explanation to the fact that there are people who do not train as much but much better as you go.

As we solve one do a division by seasons and will begin to fall, with the end of the season.

Autumn - time to relax
Fall season ends, is a time when nature turns and exits turns walking and cycling. Is the time when you give up that take gender attitudes "pedal car" and try to relax with friends on long walks to relax. fall depending on the season Workouts

Equally good is a vacation and to look for two weeks of cycling, running or to pay more attention to other passions. It is a superb opportunity to take walks with friends or wife (one to win some points that you need during the season rather than at home are lacking (especially on weekends you exit with "hooligans" to cycled)

Accumulate "km relaxation, a break to eat something loose and dream the summer to come (surely you only have memories of the past months)

Winter - the accumulation
Now is the time when the training starts with long shifts, long shifts without roll top speed (they are final period of spring training). This is the defining period of training which will urma.Este very important to know what you train. If you intend to participate in short events (MTB race on the short route of 30 km) not make any sense to train for 6 hours. If you participate in road racing or long variants of the MTB marathons when long outbursts are a necessity. Now we have accumulated so km laps should be 3-4 hours (or 2:00 on the trainer). Great care to airing as one one strong flu can cancel work for a month

Start on flat terrain with long shifts and late winter to add some hills (not very serious). At the end of a workout should not feel tired, feel-shaped body, that after an easy trip, but also less demanding.
Winter workouts depending on the season

Spring - Training "Full Time"

Now is the time to introduce speed training programuld it. Group outputs are essential for spring training. First, because the spirit of competition will occur and thus increases speed. A good idea would be to simulate things that happen in racing, getaway, retreat of the platoon, sprinting intermediate (next to an entry in the right place or a particular purpose). All these things will improve her speed and ability to predict when others launch a sprint.
spring workouts depending on the season

And training is extremely important that travelers exit. During this type of training is recommended to do intervals of sprinting short distances. Discuss more about how training should be made an interval (eg 2 minutes 130 RPM 80 RPM X 2 minutes or 3 minutes 2 minutes x 120 RPM 90 RPM). I think there is no standard and ideally will not capped at a single type of frame. I think the best solution is to not do something repetitive, must simulate a real situation in which sudden sprints, take a break and try again or worse a cyclist sprints and immediately after it was placed in another launches an attack. Try your best to simulate a race situation and avoid monotony.

As a suggestion to say how some people are taking part in international races. They used poles along the roadside or those terminals which are made from 100 to 100 meters as landmarks. Sprint distance and then run back the same distance. Change the distances (along two telegraph poles, once in April, etc.).

One way to practice very common in civilized countries, which organizes several races each weekend, is participating in a race and approach them with a vengeance. Athletes go to competitions in the spring and first part of the race all I can give, after abandoning it halfway.

Extremely important in all phases of training is that you must follow the pulse. About this we will deal in a future article.
Summer - weather competitions
Now you are in top shape and it is time to attend the races to give all that is absolutely mandatory rest bun.Intre racing and training schedule depends on the races.

If you participate in a race Sunday when:

* Monday is the time for an easy trip
* Tuesday a serious out with friends
* Wednesday and every one out with something healthy in a final sprint
* Thursday is not really in power output. Ideally with some friends to pedal and change frequently trail
* Friday is the time for something healthy to spinning and a final sprint
* Saturday you can relax with a break or a casual output (maybe a friend .. on a bike ride, normal)

depending on the season summer workouts

During this period of training must focus on poor parts (can not do well in sprint). After a race you can draw some conclusions and then try to improve your technique.

Recovery period after stroke is important. Do not neglect massage (there to see if a friend is pleased that you came with the bike rides) and especially not neglect nutrition recovery.

What I understand from the above lines. In cycling like things are building, you must build a foundation to put brick over brick and roof only when you say you put a house. Will not have a chance to build without a foundation. If you feel tired do not leave the road (or paths). Take a relaxing break, come loose shifts and do not forget that this thing of pleasure (the pleasure of winning a race or the pleasure of being first in the gang of friends).

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