Mountain Bike Racing Strategies

by Andrei Cristache - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 455 Share This!

When participating in the races is very important to have a strategy adapted to the route length and hardness. The strategy should be simple and adapted to each student part.

Very well analyze terrain, weather, distance, and the level of training your opponents. The strategy has thought before the race but can make changes and before the start.
Use a clock cycle for developing a plan but not as accurate as he became addicted.

When you set your last-minute (before the race) relax, do some stretching movements and analyze the opponents who are preparing for their turn to race.

Style race - if the race is downhill strategy has to be something like "pedal as hard as can and try not to hit any trees." For short races (cca.15 km) you can try something like "Sprint in the first three kilometers, a continued steady pace, keeping a small reserve of energy for the final. For a marathon (50 km) you can try something like: "A quick start but not exhausting, maintain a good pace and try to overcome opponents in key locations (slopes, descents, rough places)."

Land - is land soaked with water? Hard and full of rocks? Suspension adjusts resistance in terms of race and race approaches depending on the terrain. A competition takes place on a sodden field is more tiring than one which takes place on dry land.

Weather: - A to rain? Should take into account and the wind? For flights longer time and affects what kind of food you need to have the race, on hot days you need more liquid and easily digestible food.

Distance - How often do you feel after you go a distance similar to the race? Have you eaten an ample number of calories for the contest? Forcing people to overtake in the race or need to have a strong home and make a difference from the beginning?

Opponents - among them people there better than you? If you are and you're too lazy to devise a plan where all you have to do is sit next to them during the race and tried to overtake in the final sprint (if they feel they have weak moments and forces do not hesitate route passing ).

Physical: - Did you do serious preparation before the race? Things like "Heart Rate Monitor" diets high in carbohydrates or strength training can make the difference when they combine with a well thought out plan.

Nutrition: - how long will the race? If you think you have a bicycle more than an hour when options are simple, you eat with you or lose.

Rather they are things that help you properly approach a mountain bike race.
In road racing things are different. There exists a team leader and even a car technique.
In mountain biking you, bike and your opponents.

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