The Beauty of Beach Cruiser Bikes

by Howard Giske - Date: 2006-11-28 - Word Count: 532 Share This!

There's something beautiful about beach cruiser bikes. Where else will guys get such a chance to show off their muscles? Nowhere, except maybe at the gym. Girls too can show off their assets, in a short skirt and a pair of sunglasses. Don't forget to talk on the cell phone too, to show how many things you can do at once. Beach cruisers, especially at certain California and East Coast campuses have been associated with an easy-going neo-hippie type of lifestyle, but, the funny thing is that in many cases, the kids' parents have as strong an attraction to beach cruisers as the college kids do. You can see families headed by the 40-something mom, dad or both leading the kids all riding beach cruisers or low rider bikes.

The opalescent colors available these days are far more impressive and varied then those from the 1950s. In terms of a scene or a lifestyle, beach cruisers really blend in at places like Huntington Beach and Venice, California, on the beach. Part of the fun is the different ways these simple machines can be decorated. The basket, the tire fenders and the back rack are excellent places for painting on dragons and other fantasy creatures. The fat 2-inch tires are really great for riding on the boardwalk or even on beach sand if it's not too deep.

Of course these bikes are made for fairly flat areas, ideally near a lake, a river or the ocean. If you are scaling up lots of hills and trying to hit top speeds you would be better off with a mountain bike or some sort of multi-speed racing bike.

For some, the retro-chic can be almost overwhelming. Enjoying the lifestyle, getting out and getting fresh air, either by themselves or with their kids can be a pretty strong attraction even for baby boomers. It draws people back to the days of "hanging out" and striking innocent or not so innocent conversations with strangers. Hanging out by the seashore or a lake is an opportunity to build metaphoric or real castles in the sand. Cook-outs in the countryside can be just as nice, because the stable and upright beach cruisers easily allow themselves to be used to carry food, drink and other accoutrements of relaxation and wasting time. Just don't forget to bring the mosquito repellent,

Beach cruisers have large comfortable seats and large handlebars to navigate and be at ease. The colors are the new addition, along with the designs that people enthusiastically add to their bicycles. A few beach cruisers are being made with 3- speeds and more, for more varied terrain, but this does make the significant sacrifice of giving up the lifestyle fantasy. You are better off looking at the two methods that you have to transport your goodies on the way to your little hideaway. One is to have a backpack on your shoulders, which is easy when you are riding in an upright position, unlike those squinted down positions you are in when you're on a speed racer. The other is the little basket in the front, which may be a little too cute for some young guys, although definitely utilitarian. The choice is yours.

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