Training With A Heart Rate Monitor

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More and more people buy watches with heart monitor (heart monitor). As more people use this option only for information and those that begin to deal with setting limits (minimum and maximum) search for answers to questions about how you can train properly. Currently we will start with presenting the most common mistakes that occur five hours to monitor users heart.

1. Trying to compare the personal rhythm of others.

The comparison can be made with a single heart beat, that of himself. The reason is simple, we're different! Anatomy of every person is different, so different is the cardiovascular system. It is true that we can learn from others and how they train with a HRM, but do not compare your heart rate.

Example: Your heart rate is 58 bpm and colleague of training is 50 bpm. No one will be able to tell who is in form or who has the best VO2max. Things are more complicated and a simple comparison of heart rate will not say anything.

Maximum heart rate is correlated with age but is very possible that you should not apply the formula 220-age. There is a huge deviation from individuals of the same age because we are so different physically. Like the heart rate at rest that we have no maximum heart rate is an indicator of performance.

2 - Lack of knowledge about the factors that can affect heart rhythm.

Heart rate can be influenced by a number of external factors such as caffeine, the body's moisture level, temperature, stress level. It is extremely important to know which factors affect your heartbeat. For example when you feel you have reached a level too high in terms of turnover must wonder why this happens. Too much caffeine, dehydration, there is certainly a reason. When I know the answer order to eliminate the problem (consume more water or reduce the number of cups of coffee drunk each day).

3 - Waiver of examination results after training.

-HRM is a tool designed for training. If you have a HRM that allows downloading data to computer when you have an impressive amount of information that can be used. When you understand what factors have influenced the pace of your heart then you begin to make significant progress on a bicycle.

April - Misuse of HRM's in the race.

The contest will pedal better than training. This happens mostly in people who engage properly. It is difficult if not impossible, to take decisions in the contest based on information provided by HRM. I was surprised to hear from some people that gave up an escape from the squad for that heartbeat was too high. It is a huge mistake because cycling is a more complex battle tactics. Because of this experience is more important than race tn heartbeat.

5 - Using the wrong "target areas" during training.

Heart rate target zone "is the term used to describe different areas that can be set a HRM. Most heart rate using a clock with the standard settings and programs using the standard percentage, calculated against the maximum heart rate. These programs are far from reality when we speak of a person who wants to take things seriously. These "target areas" must be adapted according to personal experience and after a period of testing, not by a general formula. Most important is to not set a too small range between minimum and maximum. Doing so will quickly reach a limit (maximum or minimum) and you'll be hard to stay in the correct area.

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