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The Chase credit card debt management program gives consumers help in meeting their obligations by providing consumer debt counseling and debt consolidation services to help the consumer who is behind on loan payments catch up and stay current on their credit card payments.

The company offers this easy-to-access, user-friendly program to consumers who are having difficulty paying their Chase credit card balance. This service is available to consumers over the Internet or through contacting the customer service department at Chase.

The current credit crisis in the United States is reflective of a much more comprehensive credit crunch worldwide. This global program has been around in various forms for several years, and is unfortunately showing signs of posing economic difficulties for some time to come.

The easy access to credit for borrowers who should really not be granted credit cards coupled with the apparent remoteness between a purchase on credit and the need to pay the resulting bill have combined to allow this growing credit problem to escalate with no easy end in sight.

Entities offering assistance in getting out of credit trouble often counsel their candidates to obtain consolidation loans to get all or most of their consumer debt under one umbrella loan at one stable or at least predictable interest rate.

This allows all of the consumer's debt to be paid in one relatively easy monthly payment to one creditor. That single-payment appears to work better for some people who have not had success at paying and organizing numerous "smaller" bills. Through the Chase debt management program, consumers have experienced success in paying off their debts and developing new bill paying habits to enable them to rehabilitate their credit situations.

Persons holding Chase credit cards who are experiencing difficulty in making their monthly payments and meeting other obligations involving their credit are encouraged to contact Chase directly either by reaching the company telephonically or over the Internet. Through taking advantage of the assistance offered through the Chase credit card debt management program.

Consumers may be able to rehabilitate their credit situation, once again meet their contractual obligations with respect to their debt obligations, and even become eligible for additional credit in the future. It is to the advantage both of the consumer and of the credit card companies to reach a work-out situation which avoids the bankruptcy courts, as working out a repayment plan allows the consumer and the company to put the money to the best use!

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