The Best Man's Wedding Speeches And Toasts

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Suppose one of these days, a friend of yours decides to get married and asks you to be his or her best man. As a friend, you can't possibly refuse this simple request; to say no would be absolutely insulting, unless of course, you can't come. So sometime after you've agreed to this simple request, you might perhaps think that it's no big deal. After all, the best man is just the guy who stands besides the groom and pats him on the back while waiting for the bride, and that's that, right? No, definitely not.

Just what is a best man anyway? Or more importantly, why did they pick you to be the best man?

In most weddings, the Best Man is usually the husband's best friend as opposed to the Maid of Honor, which is usually the wife's best friend. There are times; however, when this is not possible and some relatives are requested to take over to complete the ceremony. These roles; however, are designated for the people who know the husband and wife the best, for it is their duty to express their support for the couple's decision to start a new life together, and what better way is there than to give a heartfelt speech for them.

And so we've come to the question of what a best man should say in his wedding speech. One must always keep in mind that there are two objectives in making this speech, the first one being a reminder to the groom how he came to be here and to encourage him on what he needs to do, and the second as an invitation to everyone to express their support for the bride and groom as well.

To accomplish these two, you must bring up pleasant memories the couples have shared, how they've handled and endured the problems in their relationship, and of course, what they mean to each other. This is why this task is meant for the one closest to the groom, for he has witnessed how the couple's relationship has evolved. He knows how they've gone through the good and bad times, how time has drawn them closer, and how things have led to their common choice of finally settling down.

He has to point out that their courtship has led to this very moment because of their common desire for happiness, so there's no room for hesitation, only for learning. Lastly, he should offer them his wishes so they may start with new hope of good things to come.

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