Taking Control of your Life

by June Stepansky - Date: 2007-03-08 - Word Count: 139 Share This!

Control is not about deprivation.

It's about understanding limitations.

It's the realization that

too much of a good thing

can ultimately be a bad thing,

and too much of a bad thing

can ultimately lead to self-destruction.

It's about enjoying pleasures without satiation,

and experiencing tragedy without desolation.

Control moderates our strongest passions

and our deepest despair,

and makes survival possible.


There has been a bias against control in our lives, because some current thought seems to imply that control stifles the spontaneity of living and curbs honest passions. But there is a line beyond which spontaneous passions should never cross, and that's exactly the place where control must take over.

When we overeat, or over-spend-when we use others for our selfish purposes-when our anger becomes an ungovernable weapon, then control must be seen in its proper role as a constructive and helpful tool, guiding us to a better life.

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June Stepansky is a published poet and writer who now has a monthly self-help web-site on the internet.
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