7 Step Christmas Prep

by Andrew Leigh - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 426 Share This!

It's hard to love Christmas if you've hated getting there - so enjoy the run up too. Here's a challenge to do it better this year!

It's easy to read articles like this one and dismiss them. But like almost everything else in life - it's your choice. You can choose to suffer the same old pre-Christmas crackers, or you can choose to be more effective this year, and maybe even enjoy getting to Christmas as much as you (maybe) enjoy Christmas itself.

But one thing is absolutely certain: your time of choice is now! What you'll find below is a Christmas Prep coaching session. Invest a little time on it and you'll be giving yourself an excellent gift. So get yourself a pen and paper and answer these questions.

1. What would I really like to change about my build-up to Christmas?

Here are a few things that can stress the best of us: last minute shopping, overspending, partying, visiting family, workload. Now, if you have more than one item on your list, choose just one of them to work with. You can repeat the process with the other items later.

2. More specifically now - what do you really want to do?

The key here is to give yourself target dates/quantities if you can. So - 'to have my gifts bought and wrapped by December 15th' is great. You also want to look at things positively. Avoid negatives like - 'to not get too drunk at the company party' and embrace positive wordings - 'to enjoy and remember every minute'.

3. What are the benefits of this, for yourself and others? What are the possible drawbacks?

This step makes a huge difference in your motivation and understanding. So don't skip this one.

4. How do I need to change my thinking and attitude?

If you visit Aunt Beryl expecting it to be dull, it will be!

5. What are the different ways of making my goal happen?

Think of the ridiculous ideas as well as the good ones. Be creative and have some fun with this. It's also good to think of someone you admire and ask the question: what might they do?

6. From the ideas I've thought of, which one or two am I going to choose?

Which of your ideas are likely to make a real difference? And it's also worth asking yourself who can help you achieve this?

7. What do I need to do know to make this happen?

Lots of options for you here: write a plan, schedule your diary, make some calls.

So - do you want to do your pre-Christmas better this year?

* * *

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