Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

by Natalie Aranda - Date: 2007-01-02 - Word Count: 426 Share This!

Searching for Valentine's Day gifts for men can be difficult, because most traditional Valentine's items are geared towards women. Men typically do not want flowers, heart shaped chocolates, or large teddy bears. When considering Valentine's Day gift ideas for men, it is best to think of unique ideas which he will be sure to appreciate.

For the man who loves cars, consider purchasing him a trip to a high performance driving class. These can range from going on a ride along in top level stock car to even driving the car around a professional track themselves.

Baseball lovers will be thrilled with a trip to fantasy baseball camp during spring training. Many major league baseball teams host these camps in which fans can get their own uniforms, and actually attend practice with the professional players. Because these camps happen shortly after Valentine's Day, it makes an ideal gift, although you should make sure you plan in advance as these camps often sell out quickly.

For excitement closer to home, consider getting the man in your life started in paintball. There are paintball facilities located close to almost every town, as it is one of the most popular growing sports. If your man likes action movies or hunting, he will love playing paintball. All that you need to purchase to get him started is a paintball marker, which is a paintball gun, some paintballs, and a paintball mask. The paintball mask is a specially designed goggle system which protects the face and ears from paintballs. You can purchase paintball markers from an online paintball store, or from a local paintball facility.

If you have children, hire a babysitter to stay with the children overnight. Take your husband or boyfriend out to a nice dinner at his favorite restaurant. Follow it up with a visit to a bar where you can have a few drinks and play darts or pool. Finally, spend a night away from home at a hotel. You do not need to travel far, your own neighborhood is fine. Just having a change of pace and a night to relax and enjoy each other's company makes an excellent gift.

For friends or relatives, you can't go wrong with a small gift basket full of snacks and a few gift cards. Men love gift cards because it allows them to pick out what they truly want. This type of gift can make you appear thoughtful without a lot of effort on your part.

Unique gifts can be inexpensive or can be a once in a lifetime experience that he will not forget.

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