See If Minion Jorge Will Do Your Bidding This Halloween!

by Hannah Hanover - Date: 2010-09-30 - Word Count: 416 Share This!

With the despicable me motion picture direct to despicable web site, you'll find excellent minion Jorge costumes for the little minions at home to battle the crime of the century for his or her master, the world's #1 criminal (no, not Gru), mom.

Arranging the heist of the century takes brains and cunning, something the male people of the home don't possess in abundance, consequently because of you Mom, these guys can wear their minion Jorge costumes which you will obtain them from our despicable secret headquarters website.

Incidentally, when you hear what appears to be lots of sewing machine sounds, it's usually the minions in the secret underground headquarters, underneath an unassuming home near to yours, producing tons of minion Jorge costumes prepared for all the boys, girls and dads to wear for Hallow's eve, when they carry out the bidding of the world's #1 super criminal.

And what's the master plan you've for the heist of the century, the one your minions will execute wearing their minion Jorge costumes.

As if you didn't know, don't try and play all innocent and coy with me.

I am about to disclose your master plan which your very own minions, wearing their minion Jorge costumes are going to perpetrate on Halloween night, under the cover of trick or treat. Correct me if I am wrong in any detail.

You, as the master criminal, are going to send out the minions on Halloween night, and under the guise of something which is a traditional Halloween adventure called trick or treat, you are likely to take all the candy reserves from the neighborhood for your self, and share them out with the minions when you get back to YOUR secret headquarters.

Then you are going to lie low for a little bit, possibly have some milk and cookies and take on the look of a regular neighborhood family, as if butter would not melt in your mouths.

See, not a word of protest or denial. I am right.

Well, if you are going to take some advice, mom the master criminal, take this from the #2 master criminal (me, I bow to your superiority) then you must pick up the halloween costumes now, and get them dispatched to your secret headquarters, so you are all prepared in advance.

I just hope you don't raise the awareness of the security forces, we don't want a SWAT team in attendance on the night; they will just impound all the candy you are taking and keep it for themselves.

Happy Halloween night everyone.

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