Avatar Halloween Costume Ideas That Really Rock

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As you want an Avatar costume, you definitely know all about the thrill of the Avatar Movie. The sheer spectacle, the ravishing vistas, the beautiful and unusual Na'vi. The inspiring nobility set against rather base, sordid, callous voracity.

Since it was first shown late in 2009, what people talk about is the enormous amount of detail to see. But especially it is the scale that hits you. The colossal setting, the tall Pandorans, gigantic greenery, mammoth sized beasts, astonishing physical power and vigour.

It follows, therefore, that large numbers of Avatar devotees will want to visit that magical experience again.

So it is with great joy that we embrace these new Avatar costumes.

Fans can now step into the alluring world of Avatar.

Wait, though, when you think about it, we are talking about blue-skinned beings. Towering blue beings! It's been quite an absorbing pastime trying to guess how that effect would be pulled off in a simple costume.

As it turns out, the solution is simplicity itself.

As to the tallness, you're left to your own devices. You might consider hopping unto a pair of stilts. What do you think?

The blue skin, however, is an entirely different matter...

Women and children can dress up as Neytiri, the fiery, vibrant and enormously brave Na'vi warrior princess. Her costume is an almost luminous blue jumpsuit with darker blue stripes that look like hand painted body art. It looks like Na'vi skin. Fabulous effect. The Neytiri costumes also come with a loin cloth, beads, gauntlet and feathers.

The guys can dress up as Jake Sully, the paraplegic marine who finds profound freedom, love, nobility and purpose as a Na'vi. The Jake Sully costume is a light Khaki outfit with Na'vi skin showing.

In the movie, though, by the time he becomes a full Na'vi and goes on to become Toruk Makto, Jake Sully is down to just the loin cloth and traditional adornments. So here's a little twist for those who like to add that little extra something to their costumes - You could do a more integrated Na'vi Jake Sully. How? By wearing just body paint and a loin cloth!

The question is .. Are you brave enough?

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