St Patrick's Day Candy Decorations

by Christopher Pratt - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

Having an event at your home and looking for some creative decoration ideas? Not to worry, there are some great ideas right in front of you. For almost any event you can decorate with candy. Candy can even spice up a formal setting if done correctly. Anything from a wedding reception to a young child's birthday, and everything in between, can be decorated with candy.

If you are the room mom for your Kindergartener, and it is his or her party day, use specialized candies for treats and decorating. No matter what the party theme is you can find candy delicacies for any holiday. Take St. Patrick's Day for instance. You can buy specialized candy treats like chocolate shamrocks, green Hershey Kisses, or gourmet lollipops with Happy St. Patrick's Day on them. You can get shamrock mints or green rock candy. Maybe you want to give the kids their own little treasure chest of chocolate gold coins. It is all available. So don't be afraid to host that holiday class party.

Maybe you are hosting a tea for a departing missionary. Tea and sweets were born to be taken together. But, it doesn't have to be fancy or difficult. Buy some large chocolate bars; divide them into strips along the lines imprinted in the chocolate then alternate milk, white, and dark chocolate strips in a radiating circle on a beautiful dessert plate. Served along with your tea sandwiches, it makes a lovely accent, not to mention how tasty it will be. It looks gorgeous and all you had to do was buy some candy bars.

If your event is more formal such as a wedding reception, Jordan Almonds have long been a staple for both favors and decorating the tables. But, Jordan Almonds have come a long way since the days of those pretty pastel pinks, greens, and whites. Now, look in fine stores or on-line locations for Jordan Almonds covered in dragees: that beautiful shiny gold or silver coating bakers use for accents on cookies and cakes. They are simply stunning and scream "FORMAL EVENT!"

Candy just seems to dress up any activity. Because there is a special aura surrounding candy that says, "If you are really good; and really special; you will get a really great treat." It has always been this way with sweets. Let's face it; they are the food group that goes the extra mile whether there is a celebration at hand or not.

Each holiday or special event can be dressed up with some candy decorations. What fun is Easter without the Cadbury Eggs or malt balls in a basket? I always have loved when people put out a dish full of candy corn around Halloween or Thanksgiving. And of course Christmas; what would this holiday be without the candy cane? Candy is the ideal decoration because it is colorful, but also a sweet treat for your guests. For your next event think candy, but don't eat too many of the decorations!

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