Why I Love Being A Work-at-Home-Mom

by Debbie LaChusa - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 637 Share This!

Being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) is something I have been fortunate enough to be off and on for the past 17 years, and consistently for the past 8 years.

I am so grateful I have been able to be home and be a part of my kids' lives AND do work that I love and make a great living.

As I look back at all my years of being a work at home mom, here are the reasons I love it most.

(1) I get to be home with my kids

When I worked full time in a traditional job, there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. I felt like the time I spent with my kids was always rushed. We were rushing to get ready for school, or rushing to get ready for dinner, or bed. As a work at home mom I get to enjoy the time I spend with my kids.

(2) I don't have to worry about missing work when one of my kids is sick

I used to stress about taking my own sick days to care for my kids when they got sick. Or, I'd feel guilty leaving them with grandma. As a work at home mom, if one of my kids is sick, I have the flexibility to take off work. And, if I do need to get work done, my kids know I'm right in the next room.

(3) I don't have to miss after school activities

As a work at home mom, I can arrange my work schedule around my kids' activities so I don't have to miss out. Every time I'm at a baseball or softball game and I notice the parents who can't be there, or those who arrive late, I feel so thankful I can always be there.

(4) I am able to take my kids to their dentist and doctor appointments

It may sound silly, but as a mom, I want to be the one to take my kids to their appointments. As a work at home mom, my flexible work schedule makes this possible.

(5) I was able to take my kids to and from school when they were younger

When my kids were in elementary and middle school, I loved that I could take them to school and pick them up in the afternoon.

(6) I'm there when my kids get home from school (now that they're in high school)

Now that my kids drive themselves to and from school, I love that I'm there when they get home from school. So they're not coming home to an empty house. And, even if they are too busy to talk to me, I'm there.

(7) I'm there for those "drop in" conversations

Teenagers have a habit of dropping in when something is on their mind. I'm so glad I'm there for those "drop-in" sessions. I know if I wasn't, I wouldn't know nearly as much about what's going on in their lives.

(8) I have time to exercise and take care of myself

When I worked full time in a job, it was tough trying to find time to take care of myself. Exercise took time away from the precious little time I had with my kids. Now I don't have to give up time with them, to take care of me.

(9) I am able to do work I enjoy

Having my own business has allowed me to do work I love and have more control over my career. And, when I'm happier with my work, I'm a happier mom, too.

(10) I am able to make a great living AND be with my family

While I still struggle with balance from time to time, being a work at home mom really does allow me to have it all.

I feel blessed to be a work at home mom. And I know my family is stronger for it, too.

(C) Copyright 2007 Debbie LaChusa

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Debbie LaChusa feels blessed to be a work at home mom who gets to spend time with her family, do work she loves and earn a great living. She created 6FigureWorkAtHomeMom.com to help other moms do the same. To learn more, visit http://www.6FigureWorkAtHomeMom.com

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